What Mum really wants for mother’s day

There is so much “stuff” in the shops for Mother’s Day, and I can tell you now that most of it is not really anything Mum wants.

Here is a selection of ideas which I think Mum would love to receive:

  • Yummy tea or coffee, there is always a favourite luxury brand which we love but don’t buy often. Personally I have a twining addiction…


  • favourite chocolate or sweets, again learn mums favourite and treat her.
  • Buy a plant, not flowers which will die in a week but a plant which will live on.

What is even better is an activity, so try some of these:

  • cook dinner and wash up after
  • do the housework, washing machine, hoovering, clothes sorting etc

Mamas do a lot at home and don’t get a lot of appreciation, so just make sure Mum feels loved and appreciated!

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