Top tips for moving house

Moving house can be really stressful, especially when you are a busy mama with a full time job and no free time! So here are a few of my top tips for making a move a bit less stressful:

  • Good solicitor; balance quality with price, ask friends who they have used and whether they recommend anyone. You should not have to spend your days chasing your solicitor for replies.
  • Professional man and a van hire; as with the solicitor, you need to balance quality with price. These are your possessions they are moving, make sure they are caring and considerate with them.
    Budget; make sure you consider everything and budget for it, but also have a contingency buffer put aside so if something does crop up you can pay for it.

  • Take your time and organise; Declutter first, even before the house goes up for sale it will help it sell. Once you have confirmation of sale and a date set then you can start putting away the majority of your stuff, just leaving the bare essentials out.
  • Pack a moving day survival kit; pack a bag with a few days clothes in for everyone and the essentials for the day itself: kettle, charger for phone, snacks and drinks. Those boxes won’t be open and sorted for a few days and you will need to live comfortably in that time.
  • Check list of companies to call; on the way out of one house and into another there are a million and one utility companies you need to inform. Make a list of them and your customer ID numbers etc so it’s an easy job to do. Don’t forget to note down your gas and electric readings as you move out.
  • Organise child/pet care for the day; if possibly arrange for someone to look after the kids and pets on the day of the move. It’s stressful enough without children under your feet!
  • Label boxes; not just “kitchen” “bedroom” etc but put a brief note of what is inside eg “kitchen, plates etc”. There will be something you need and if your boxes are poorly labelled then you will take forever to find it.
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    Moving house can be really hard on children, but there can be a few things you can do to make it a little less difficult for them:

    • Talk to them about what will be happening; sometimes people don’t talk things through with the kids and that is when they get anxious. Explain several days before exactly what will be happening and when I’m moving day, that way they are prepared.
    • Say goodbye to the old house; it may seem silly to you, but to a child they have always lived there and the house is special to them. Let them say goodbye and have some closure.
    • Give them jobs to do; if you don’t have childcare for moving day try to organise little jobs which the kids can do. Even if those jobs are wiping cupboards which don’t really need wiping, or unpacking a box which is one of the least important around.
    • Keep to routine as much as possible; don’t let the kids stay up late and sleep in late and try to keep your days meal times regular.
    • Expect regression after; especially in younger children. Nightmares are very common, as is trouble falling asleep. Expect it and don’t get angry (or try not to).

    I hope some of my tips can help you through a stressful life experience.

    *collaborative post

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