9 Style Rules For A Perfect #OOTD Every Time

How long did it take you to get dressed this morning? If you stood staring into your wardrobe for ages trying to pick something to wear, you’re not alone. Not knowing what to wear or feeling like you have ‘nothing’ to wear is beyond frustrating – and makes getting ready a nightmare.

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Want to change your ways and ensure a perfect #OOTD every time? Forget Dua Lipa’s New Rules, here are nine style rules to follow to help you plan your perfect outfit.

1. Dress for the occasion

How we dress typically responds to the type of social situation we’re entering in. We wear gym clothes to exercise, smart clothes for the office, and dressy outfits for the evening. When you’re getting dressed in the morning, think about your day ahead. If you’ve got lots of meetings, be the sharply dressed career girl, or if you’re meeting friends for brunch try relaxed and comfortable. As you start thinking of picking outfits in terms of what’s happening in your day, you’ll soon start recognising ‘go to’ looks that will make it easier for you to get dressed.

2. Fit is everything

The way your clothes fit you will make a huge difference to how your overall outfit looks. When something fits you well, it will highlight your figure and make you feel comfortable. We’re all different shapes and sizes, which is why it can be difficult to have clothes fit us perfectly unless they’re custom made. You can learn to tailor your own clothes to ensure the perfect fit, making your outfits look more chic and expensive. Try buying a size bigger than what you are and making adjustments so that your clothes are the right length and fit for you for a look that will feel custom and classic.

3. Always wear a watch

You might not think that you need to wear a watch now that you have a smartphone to tell you the time, but watches are still the perfect way to complete an outfit. If you forgo all other accessories, make sure you wear a watch. Your wardrobe should contain a selection of watches to match different occasions, and can be a mix of luxury brands like Roamer and high-street styles. As a timeless accessory, you can’t go wrong with a watch on your wrist.

4. Invest in good denim

Nothing beats a pair of good denim jeans for classic style. High-quality denim will get better with age, with a fit that flatters you and makes you feel great. Finding the perfect pair of jeans isn’t always easy, but once you find a style and a brand you love, make sure that you stick with them – when you know, you know after all!

5. Include your personality

Fashion and style is all down to the individual, and while you might want to follow certain trends or looks – you should always incorporate some of your personal style into your outfit. Whether it’s a favourite necklace, a certain colour jacket or you love a statement earring – make sure a part of your always goes into your chosen look. Everyone has some favourite items in their wardrobe, so make sure you always include some of yours.

6. Build a base of basics, use trends sparingly

Having a wardrobe full of high-quality basics makes it much easier to put outfits together. Organic cotton t-shirts, some satin camisoles, well-fitting knitwear and tailored trousers are all things you should have in your wardrobe. When checking out the latest trends, choose items you know you’ll get a lot of wear out of and pair them with your basics. Colour trends are easier to pull off than others, and are more likely to be a lasting part of your wardrobe versus some of the high-fashion looks you might see in shops.

7. If in doubt, wear black

Far from being dull, black is the classic colour that won’t steer you wrong. It helps to have a little black dress or two in your wardrobe so that you’re able to pick out an outfit you know that works for you. Choosing the right LBD for your body type will make you feel more confident, giving you a look you know that you can count on every time.

8. Don’t forget the accessories

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Accessories can really change the look and feel of your outfit. Whether you love to wear a hat or you can’t leave the house without a belt, wear accessories you know you love to create a look. Accessories are an item worth investing in, particularly good quality handbags and shoes. You might not have the budget of an A-List superstar, but there are ways you can afford your dream designer handbag that will instantly give a lift to your look. You don’t need to spend your hard-earned money on designer stuff to look fabulous, but if you do – choose lasting styles like bags and shoes.

9. Buy high-quality outerwear

Outerwear is an important part of dressing, and you should always have the perfect coat or jacket to complete your look – especially if you’re going to be wearing it for most of the day. A classic trench coat or stylish blazer can make a difference to your overall look, so make sure you choose styles that are tailored and fit you well. When it comes to buying high-quality outerwear, always check the label. A coat may look chic and soft to touch like it’s made from wool, but a label that reveals a high polyester count is not a sign of quality. Shops like H&M, Zara and Topshop actually make some great high-quality coats from materials like cashmere and wool that won’t break the bank. It pays to check the label to make sure you’re money is being spent on the right items.

The key to good style is all down to the planning. An organised, well-presented wardrobe will make it easier for you to choose looks for every occasion that will make you feel great, inside and out. Bookmark these style rules to help you create that perfect look, every time.

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