Cool Ways to Make Your Home Unique

Do you ever walk around someone’s home and know exactly where they bought their furniture? Or see things that you’ve got in your own home? Our houses aren’t as unique as they used to be. Newer estates are built to a common design. While this design works well, it means that every home on an estate and on other estates around the country is effectively the same. Many of us now rent for much longer, and rental homes are often decorated very much the same. Even if your home is structurally different, and you are free to decorate to suit your tastes, now so many of us buy of furniture from large stores like Ikea, a lot of rooms look like show homes and can be found in many other houses around the country.

If you love your home and you’ve got no interest in standing out, that’s great. But, sometimes you just want something unique, some way to make your home stand out, a piece that’s just yours that you know you won’t find in any other home. Here’s how to do it.

Turn it Upside Down

The basic design of most of our homes is entrance hall, living area, kitchen and diner on one floor. Then bedrooms and a family bathroom upstairs. This is standard. If you want to make a bold change why not turn it upside down. Have the bathroom, bedrooms and an office on the bottom floor and install a kitchen and living space above. This works especially well if you are over three floors, or your home is built on a slope, and you can have an entrance upstairs.

Knock it Down


Open plan is becoming much more popular. Especially in smaller modern homes where walls would just be a waste of space. But, in older homes open plan is relatively unheard of. Open plan also gives you more options when it comes to easily moving things around when you fancy a change. A large open space allows you to move your furniture around a lot more. Knocking walls through can be dangerous and isn’t always possible so, make sure you get help and alive before storming in.

Be Creative with Your Artwork

Artwork and wall hangings are a fantastic place to be creative and really show off your personality and style. Instead of just framing posters and prints from your local stores, think outside of the box. Get extra creative and paint or craft your own pieces or get your kids to get stuck in with crafts. This is a wonderful way to add some colour and fun to your walls, especially in a plain rental.

Other options that are especially good if you are on a budget are framing alternative things. Look at wrapping paper, wallpaper samples or bits of material online and at local markets and stores. If there is something you like, frame a sample. Another cool idea is tearing advertisements out of magazines to frame. You’ll soon find that putting something in a frame with a professional looking mount makes it look artistic, no matter what it is.



If you want to add some unique touches without breaking the bank, upcycling could be the answer. It’s easy, cheap, fun and a brilliant way to ensure that you’ve got truly one of a kind pieces. Check out these upcycling ideas to help, then take a look at what you already own. If your current furniture isn’t suitable, head to charity shops, car boot sales and take a look on eBay for some cheap things that you can turn into something magical.

Be Bold

You can read up about colours that work well together, or textures that should never meet. But, this is what everyone does. Instead, be eclectic. Choose colours and items that you like, regardless of whether they go with the rest of the room. Don’t worry about clashing or looking messy, just go with it.

Tell a Story

Most of us have got photographs on the walls of our home. This isn’t the only way to tell your story in your décor. Buy soft furnishings and accessories from every place you visit, add photos and artwork that relates to key points in your life, and keep adding extras to your home every time something great happens to you. Let your home tell the story of your life.

Making your home more unique doesn’t need to be tough. The first step is to stop worrying about what other people think or what style guides tell you that you should be doing. Just do what you want.

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