Tips for a fantastic children’s birthday party

It’s my youngest son’s 4th birthday soon and I’m thinking on how to give him a fantastic birthday party. Organising a birthday party can be very stressful as there is so many things to consider such as entertainment, food, place, party themed and many more. This is why I have asked my fellow bloggers on some tips for a wonderful children’s birthday party and here what they have to say:

Lyndsey from Me, him, the dog and baby said, Don’t let it stress you out. If you’re getting stressed about any part of it then your child is likely to feel that too!

Beth from Twinderelmo said, Don’t be over ambitious and spend thousands. Kids are happy with a few games and their best friends. They don’t care if you’ve spent £200 on balloons, they just want to have fun with their mates

Emma from Emma Reed said, Having all the important people there, the closest friends and family.

Pete from Household money saving said, Find a decent speaker and some music the kids like. I find that kid’s never tire of dancing.

Jaymee from The Mum Diaries said, Keep it simple! My 4 year old went to a birthday party last week and spent 2 hours playing with a balloons and hitting a pinata.

Lianne from Ankle biters adventures shared her post about planning a party for pre schoolers so Check it out!

Alice from Living with a Jude said, Think of what your child would like and not what you think would make a good party. It’s about them and not how the party makes you look.

Erica from The incidental parent said, Have a joint one and split the jobs and cost. We’ve done that for two years and it was fab.

Amy from All about Mummy said, Keep it small – you can have more focus with smaller numbers and make it more memorable.

Alice from Living with a Jude said, Think of what your child would like and not what you think would make a good party. It’s about them and not how the party makes you look.

Jen from Just average Jen said, Think realistically about how many kids you can manage and if you want parents to stay make that clear on invites as some just don’t see the need even for young kids if not told to!

Daniella from Busy lazy Mum said, I’ve found children’s parties really stressful in the past. Attempting to do everything myself… decorating, catering and the cake – I’m a rubbish baker. I’ve found it much more relaxed to let someone else do all that. Whether it’s the venue eg soft play or outsourcing these to caterer and baker.

All the above tips were very helpful but in the end I went and check out Captain fantastic as they are offering great range of children’s parties which looks fun and full of entertainment so it’s stress free and you can just relax and enjoy the party. They have parties for 1-3 years old which are packed full of music, singing, dancing and games to get pre-schoolers up and moving and having a fantastic time!

Also parties for 3-7 year’s old which offers themed package such as superheroes parties, science parties, pirate parties and princess parties. I think I’m gonna go with superheroes themed as that’s what my son would love as he likes to play pretend superheroes. I have a 6 year’s old son as well so their 5-11 year’s old parties might be beneficial for his birthday on July. They have party themed such as epic discos, ultra glow discos, master DJ party and street dance parties.

I’m also impress with the captain fantastic’s values which believing in three E’s- Entertain, Engage, Educate. They teach children in a fun and entertaining manner which I think is lovely. Their vision as well was to create happy, lasting family memories through the entertainment and education they provide so it’s sound perfect.

Whatever party themed you choose or how you organised your children’s birthday party, always remember that it’s the memories that count so you can make it extra special just the way you think would be perfect for your children 😊

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