Why Less Is More When It Comes to Menswear

It’s possible to be a well-dressed man without breaking the bank. It might be better to spend a little extra to get good quality items rather than cheaper ones that aren’t as good and won’t last as long.

When most men think about saving money on clothes, they think they must compromise—go to weekend garage sales and shop at consignment stores. While this does save money and you can find some nice stuff, it doesn’t exactly give you that boost of confidence that new clothes do.
In fact, you may even feel like a bit of an imposter.

Another common idea about saving money is to just keep a sharp eye on anything with a sale tag. However, it’s not a good idea to grab that periwinkle blue golf shirt if you dislike the color just because it’s got a red 50% off sales tag on it.

Buying on a budget isn’t about compromise. It’s about making a well-informed decision and building your wardrobe in a strategic way. The whole idea behind buying clothes has less to do with impressing other people than with impressing yourself. When you look good, you feel terrific. That’s what matters. That’s when everything begins to fall into place for you.

Besides figuring out how to dress, you might also want to think about things like dry cleaning.
When it comes to budgeting, this is another thing to take into consideration. Dry cleaning costs money, too, so it might be better to buy wrinkle free dress shirts and other things that are machine washable and easy to care for.

Only Buy What You Need

If you’re like most people, you wear the same clothes all day long. Or, at the most, you’ll change from formal to informal, say from the suit you wear at work to something casual for an evening out.

Keeping this in mind, it doesn’t make much sense to accumulate more shirts than you have an occasion to wear. You’ll end up simplifying your day by settling on a few favorites and eventually donating the ones you never got around to wearing.

Let’s take shirts as an example:
You will never need 50 shirts. Even 25 can be too much. You’ll get by fine with just ten. By not wearing the same type of shirt, like five plain white dress shirts, and by wearing a variety of styles for different occasions, you’ll do just fine. If ten seems a little too frugal, then go for twelve.

According to The Idle Man, you just need five varieties of shirts. You’ll need a dress shirt for a formal finish, a grandad collar shirt for an unconventional style, an Oxford shirt for a comfortable feel, a check shirt for a colorful look, and a denim shirt for a sturdy effect.

So, don’t focus on quantity, but on quality. It’s not how many shirts you own but about how many you will be able to wear. You need enough quantity and variety to stay interesting, but you don’t need more than you’ll ever get around to wearing. While there’s nothing wrong with retail therapy, focus more on window shopping than buying.

Get A Casual Education in Menswear

Most men, including highly-educated men who have been to the best schools and men who are ridiculously successful, look as if their mothers had dressed them. Meanwhile, the average woman can tell you about all the shades of blue that would look good on you.

It doesn’t have to be this way, you can’t be fashionable if you only have a vague idea of the difference between one type of collar and another and your only criterion for choosing a pair of pants is whether it fits properly.

If you want to be a well-dressed man, then you should follow the lead of your girlfriend, wife or sister—read magazines and blog posts about clothes, watch YouTube videos about clothes, and notice what other well-dressed people are wearing. Reading just a few good blogs a month will quickly get up to speed.

When you think about it, there is no reason to compromise when it comes to buying good clothes. Just buy less, but upgrade the quality of the clothes you buy. And, the more you educate yourself on what to buy, the better your choices will be.

*featured post made possible by Jenna Smith

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