How did I style my prom dress from boohoo?

Boohoo asked me to choose a prom dress from their website to style it and since spring is in the air, I wanted something elegant but relaxed and comfortable. And I thought, this blush Metallic Lace Detail Chiffon Maxi Dress was perfect. You can never go wrong with lace dress because it suggests a mixture of sophistication, purity and is versatile enough to be dressed up or down, feminised or chic or casual as long as you choose the right style, cut and it does match your body shape.

Choosing the right dress will make us look great at our best when attending events such as wedding, prom, graduation or any other important occasions and the dress itself will be a lovely memory on how we enjoyed the moment. When you feel uncomfortable with your dress, it does show and will have effect on how you celebrate the party. Don’t make that mistake so first of all, you have to be comfortable on your chosen outfit. Make sure to always try on or do fitting first before deciding which dress to wear. One more thing to consider is your budget, it doesn’t have to cost the earth or break the bank just because you want to have a million dollar look. The key is to appeared looking effortlessly classic and comfortable because that’s how your beauty will radiate when your feeling happy and contented.

My blogging partner, Amy, chose this deep blue, crystal detail dress: She is much paler than me and a light pink wouldn’t suit her, whereas the deeper shade really looks great on her.

So, how did I style my prom dress in a low budget option?

The dress I choose

Omg this dress is an absolute steal for only £30 can you believe it? How much are you willing to spend on a dress? This dress is so stunning with its metallic lace bodice and waistband detail and it’s floaty skirt. Online it’s appeared more like in peach colour but in personal it’s a blush pink so I’m happy with that. The size was perfectly fit me and I’m a uk size 8 so it’s true to size. It’s also lightweight and comfortable to wear with its chiffon fabric. The quality was well made and so the style and length, it was perfectly made dress. The sleeveless style is just right for me not to show too much skin. It made me feel like a princess, a debutante and even like a bridesmaid and I’m loving it. You can wear it with or without flower optional. Having a flower on one side of my ear makes me feel like a fairy of spring. It’s very feminine and angelic look too.

keep it simple

I don’t want to overdo it with many accessories so I just kept it to minimum. I choose silver strappy heels which can be perfect at night wear as well with its shimmery detail and my neutral colour envelope style clutch bag both from Debenhams. Honestly, I borrowed both accessories from my sister in law so if you ever go to a prom or attend a formal party then borrow from friends etc to give you extra saving.

My make up

My make up looks very basic and I just did myself. I was rushing as well and couldn’t find my other make up stuff so I don’t wanna create too fuss so I just apply a simple make up for more natural look except the bright pink Lippie which I absolutely love. I thought I would finish it off with a bright pink lipstick to complement my tanned fair skin tone but if you have a lighter skin tone then opt for something lighter shade. I’m not good at make up so my eyebrows wasn’t done. I was trying to attempt doing it initially but I remove it as I don’t want to overdo it anyway so bear with my bare eyebrows lol

When it comes to eyelashes I would suggest the younique 3D fibre mascara if your not into fake eyelashes like me as it’s the best I have tried.

Amy went with neutral eyeshadow and a touch of eyeliner, with a silvery pink lipstick. For a day time event there is no need to over do it. We went with “pretty princess” shades.

Jewellery accessories

Lace and pearl would make the best pair so I opt for a dangling pearl earring and I turn my long pearl necklace into a bracelet so what do you think? They are my recycled accessories so I didn’t have to buy a new one. That’s another money saving for you if you have loads of accessories sitting in your closet. Check them out and wear them again 😉

My hairstyle

Right! Would you believe it if I told you that my hairstyle was in-fact created by my teenage daughter? Yes it’s true haha I just let her do it which i was pleased because it turned out great. I wanted a loose or wavy curl for a relax look but I would say medium curled as my hair was a bit short to create that wavy look and then she plaited the upper side and ponytail them at the back and loosen up plaited strand. It look messy as we didn’t have any hair spray to hold it. What do you think? Did you like it? I did not spend any money with hair stylist because my daughter did it for me so it’s another money saving for you. Get someone you know who can help you with your hair or if you can then just do it yourself and watch YouTube tutorials 😀

Amy decided to go with the elegant side pony, with a twist along the front to add a bit of style  pretty, yet easy.

The flower effect

Spring is finally here so it’s a good excuse to add flowers as an accessories and can be use or would make a great addition to hairstyles or photoshoot effect. It’s a great way to celebrate the season of bloom.

Check out my YouTube try on video below and it’s all natural no filter so you can see the real beauty of the dress. So, what do you think on how I’ve styled it? Is it yay or nay? How will you style it? I would love to hear from you so feel free to comment. Thank you!

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