How to keep your relationship spark after having children

Relationships can be hard and they only get harder after having children: not only are you tired and grumpy, but your body has been through a lot and you don’t always feel as attractive as you once did. Here are a few ideas to keep your relationship going:

Date night. Once your children are old enough to accept a babysitter it is a nice idea to head out once in a while without them and have some time just you and hubby…even if that time is just a walk along the beach, or a local park. Take a break and just be you two together for a bit. 

Sexy yet comfortable lingerie. Sexy lingerie doesn’t tend to be very comfortable or practical, but there are some cami sets which can be both pretty and comfortable and hide the majority of your “problem areas” on your post baby body. I love this site for luxury nightwear, wearable, yet still sexy!

Lingerie uk cami short set

Show your affection. A quick kiss, a butt slap or a hug…however you show your affection is great, just don’t forget to do it. You need to show your partner you still love them!

Put a lock on the bedroom door. Nothing kills the mood quicker than a kid wandering in half way through, so trust me when I say this certainly improves your sex life after having children. 

Send dirty texts throughout the day. It gets you in the mood and can be good fun. 

Turn the phones off. When you do have some child free time make sure you turn the phones off so your attention is on each other. Sit and talk about your day, reconnect with each other, you don’t need to check Facebook all the time!

Encourage hobbies. I do pole and my husband goes kickboxing, yes it is 2 night a week where we aren’t together and a night each where we get stuck putting the kids to bed alone, but it means we both get to do something we love and exercise releases endorphins making us feel happier too. 

None of these are a “magic solution”, marriage is hard and you have to work with each other to make it work. 

What do you do to keep your relationship going?!

*collaborative post

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  1. Great tips. We too do date nights on the rare occasions that we get a chance, but because they’re so rare, they’re all the more special! #KCACOLS

  2. Making time is the big thing, I think. Even when you’re spending a lot of time together it’s not necessarily ‘quality’ time because there’s so much else going on. It’s nice just to take an hour or so to actually talk about something other than work, bills, or kids! 🙂 #KCACOLS

  3. Making time for each other can be hard, but it’s so worth doing. We don’t get the chance to date nights that often, but we grab those opportunities with both hands when they come along #KCACOLS

  4. One thing with teenagers, it becomes, at times a little ‘us & them’ and you feel a closeness of co=conspirator which is nice- it can be quite a unifying experience…see, always good with bad.

  5. Great tips here. Making time together can be quite difficult but it’s so importnant. My partner and I have planned a night away next weekend and I’m so excited ! #KCACOLS

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