15 money saving tips

More and more people every month are turning to short term loans to get them through the every day expenditures: the mortgage/rent, food shopping, kids clubs, clothes, toiletries, gas/electric, water, council tax, insurances, car bills…it just goes on and on. The Consumer Credit Index suggests the average loan requested per month is around £300 and the main reason is an unexpected expense, this suggests that everyone is just scrapping through every month and there is nothing left for an unexpected cost which appears. My cat was ill and we suddenly had a vets bill of £500, it went on the credit card, but I can totally understand how people get into trouble.

So here are our suggestions to save a little bit of money:

clothes to sell

  • Try the brand switch: move all your purchases down to the economy brand at the supermarket and try them, sometimes they are as good as the expensive brand, if you don’t like them switch it up to the own brand and if you still don’t like them then go back to your top branded items. There are usually a few products you find are just as good and you can save a few pounds every week, it all adds up.
  • When you know which branded products you can’t live without try visiting B&M, you can often find them on offer there, or bulk buy online and see if you can get it cheaper that way.
  • Try a money saving challenge, every little bit you can save will be useful should an unexpected expense appear suddenly.

Money saving tin

  • Plan your meals and try to use leftover as a second meal: try my leftover roast gammon slice, or jacket potatoes make a great second day meal for stretching a meal for another day.
  • Check charity shops or car-boots sales for deals, don’t be a snob, half the clothes there have never been worn. This is particularly great for kids clothes, they grow so quickly that they hardly get worn before they don’t fit any longer.
  • Always check online or newspapers for discount codes before you plan days out, you can almost always find an offer somewhere. This applies to meals out too.
  • Sign up for free trials, you can get a bunch of free products to try.

Triyit box

  • Reduce portion sizes, you probably find you don’t need such huge platefuls and it will save on food waste.
  • Live out of your cupboards for a week a month, even store cupboard food has best before dates, don’t let it go to waste.
  • Use frozen veg, it’s cheaper and doesn’t go off, but tastes just as good.
  • Make lunch. Buying sandwiches is so much more expensive than making one at home. Save a few pennies every day.
  • Label your kids clothes, especially school clothes. Kids lose everything and so much of it never finds its way home, don’t waste money by having to buy more.

Do you have any money saving tips to add to my collection?

*collaborative post

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  1. Some good tips here. I always look for ways to save money. My latest one is to use a salad container I got from Subway to make my own salads to take to work for my lunches from now on. And as I work in greengrocers, I get it even cheaper! Win win for me! #kcacols

  2. We do most of these but we put away a bit extra each month into a separate account for car insurance and find that when it comes to renewal we’re a few quid over. It all helps and means we get a few quid to ‘play’ with each year. #kcacols

  3. Ha ha ha ha haaaaa I’m particularly please with your frozen veg promoting as I’m totally fed up with so many moldy bags of fresh veg in the fridge.

  4. Great tips – I’ve tried the money saving challenges a few times and find it easier to start with the bigger amounts so that each week gets easier to save money as you’re counting down! #KCACOLS

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