3 Ways To Get Out Of A Funk!

Life gets boring sometimes. It’s not a slight on the beauty that is life, it’s just a fact. It gets boring; routines get sunk into, children are in the same cycle of school – food – bed – school over and over. You’re in the routine that you are in of working, housework, cooking and bedtime and over the months, this constant routine can become monotonous instead of comforting. There’s nothing wrong with that in the sense that being in a life that is settled is something most people crave, and yet when you are doing the same things without thinking about it, you can find yourself wishing for something a little more exciting.

Being in a funk is hard, one minute you’re ticking along nicely and comfortable, the next you’re questioning everything and desperate to throw caution to the wind, if only to see what’ll happen next. No one likes those down days of dealing with moodiness and the lack of motivation, but when that translates into your everyday life, it means you need to sit up and take notice. Getting out of a funk with a day is relatively easy, but getting out of a life funk? That’s a lot harder. It doesn’t mean that you’re having some kind of lifetime crisis, it just means that in this moment right now, you need something to give you a fire in your belly, a spring in your step and all number of clichés that you can come up with! So, when you’re feeling stuck and bored, check out these three ways that you can grab yourself by the bootstraps get out of your funk!

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Seek Adventure. People take time out of their working life to book holidays, and it’s not necessarily because they want to get a break from work, either. Going on a break with your friends with Global Adventure Challenges gives you the chance to capture the fire again. It means you can explore, push your boundaries and feed off adrenaline that pounds in your ears. Go and find a pocket of adventure to pull you out of the gloom.

Read. Feeling lazy and not in the mood to spring for adventures? Get into someone else’s instead. Reading provides a relaxing mental escape; even a horror block can make you feel excited without raising your blood pressure. Reading with a snack somewhere comfortable can be an exciting way to spend some time when you need to just get away and calm down.

See Friends. You don’t have to be a social butterfly, but hooking up with friends to have a few drinks can make a massive difference to your mood. Don’t worry about sinking glasses of wine, either. Choose a theatre show or a movie to get excited about and you can hang out together and let off some steam.

Getting out of a funk isn’t always difficult but when you are feeling low and unsure of what life is about to throw at you, you can really find yourself needing a break. Take five and try again later; it’s what life is about.

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