Discovering Frankfurt: 5 Reasons You Have To Go

When you think of city breaks in Germany, your first thought is likely to be the capital, Berlin – right? Well, the truth is that Germany is home to plenty of other great cities that offer exciting, thrilling weekend adventures and Frankfurt is at the top of the list.

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If you’re looking for a summer escape then look no more, Frankfurt has exactly what you’re looking for. Take a look at five reasons why a visit to Frankfurt is a must.

1. It’s the perfect city for exploring

One of the best things about a city break is exploring on foot. A walking tour of a new city is a fantastic way to get to know all of the features and culture that makes it different from home. In Frankfurt, you’ll find a mix of the old town as well as the modern financial district, which can feel like London in many ways. Make sure you bring some comfortable shoes and prepare yourself some incredible days exploring the city.

2. The food

Germany is already known for its incredible food, and Frankfurt has a fantastic gastronomical scene. Enjoy something some traditional German dishes, featuring a whole host of tasty treats, while Frankfurt’s diverse culture means that there is plenty of international cuisine on offer too. Check out Frankfurt’s best restaurants and eat your way around!

3. The nightlife

It wouldn’t be a European city break without a night or two on the town. Frankfurt does not disappoint, with a wealth of bars and nightclubs providing you with music and scenes to suit your taste. Stay at the Moxy Frankfurt East to explore the Eastern part of Frankfurt where you’ll find some of the city’s best night spots. Whether you want to enjoy German beer or dance the night away, you’ll find something to entertain you in Frankfurt. Don’t leave until you’ve tried Frankfurt’s famous Liquid Gold!

4. Beautiful summer days at Palmengarten

In Frankfurt’s Westend-Sud district, You’ll find the stunning botanical gardens of Palmengarten. A great place to enjoy a summer picnic, you can relax, and people watch in the gardens’ beautiful setting. Bring a blanket, a good book and soak up some sunshine in one of Frankfurt most tranquil spots.

5. The Shopping

Could it really be a city break without a spot of shopping? If you love seeing what d local shopping scene is like, then you’ll love the MyZeil shopping centre, which offers a good mix of both German and international retailers. It’s a great place to pick up some top European brands like Zara and H&M and save some money on UK prices.

A visit to Frankfurt offers plenty to enjoy for a weekend break or longer. You’ll find plenty to do and fall in love with this amazing city. Want some more inspiration for places to visit this summer? Take a look at the travel archives and discover some top recommendations for holidays and trips.

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