Swimming fun! SquiDiver review

We love swimming and the kids favourite game is to dive for toys off the bottom of the swimming pool. Bethany finds diving quite easy now but jack is 3 years younger than her and struggles sometimes if the toys are too deep. This is where these SquiDivers are brilliant: they sink quickly to the bottom and wriggle their tentacles upwards so they are easier to grab! They are bright coloured so are clear underwater, easy to grab and great fun. 


The kids have even been playing with them in the bath, the divers have been having a pool party lol sorry couldn’t do a photo with the kids in since they were naked!


We loved taking these down the local pool (sorry again, no photo since it was a public swimming session), it really got the kids being more active in the water and helping them increase the time they can hold their breathe (God forbid they should ever need to do that in an emergency, but it’s a good skill to have). We must have been in the pool a good hour longer than normal, they just wanted to keep playing. I can’t wait for our summer holiday, I see myself sitting by the pool while the kids fetch these off the bottom, over and over and over!

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*please note, item was provided free for review, however all opinions and words are my own.

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