What your charm bracelet says about you #yourcharmstory

I adore charm bracelets, they are so pretty and dainty and yet they tell a story, so when I was asked to write about my charm bracelet and the story it tells you about me I was happy to take part.

Charms date back thousands of years, people used to use them to ward off evil spirits or for good luck, these days we know they are just decorative but that doesn’t mean they can’t be personalised. 

When considering buying a charm bracelet you need to start with the chain itself: do you want a simple on or a detailed design? Do you want gold or silver?

It is also important to decide upon the type of clasp, you don’t want one which comes apart and falls off easily, but being a bracelet you want to be able to do it up yourself one handed!

Then there are the charms themselves, do look at Kigu of London for an amazing selection of charms. There are many occasions that a charm purchase would be appropriate, here are a few suggestions:

Major life events: a new Baby or a marriage would be the perfect occasion for a new charm. You can get any design which means something to you, for example my friend got a lobster when she got married because “lobsters mate for life” and she had found her lobster. I have a teddy bear charm to signify my children.

Gifts from loved ones: my husband bought me a heart charm for Valentine’s Day when we were early on in our courting. But a gift from your mother or father may be a different design maybe a flower or something which means something to you together. 

Your favourite things: if you have a favourite animal, colour or character you may get a charm to show this, there are some lovely Minnie Mouse charms around! Personally, I have a cat charm to show my love of all things feline.

Places you have travelled: you may have loved visiting a certain country and may wish to remember that by purchasing a charm, or you may have lived abroad for a year and want to signify that period of your life. 

When you have a collection of charms which mean something to you it is lovely to leave it in your will to a family member. My Gran left her charm bracelet to my mum and that is now a cherished memory of Gran for us all. 

Do you have a charm bracelet? Which are your favourite charms and what do they mean to you?

*collaborative post

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