Emergency dieting before our holiday

Both hubby and I have decided we aren’t happy with the amount of podge on our bodies at the moment so we have decided to trial a meal replacement diet my friend recommended, called Exante. 

The main point of the diet is to replace your meals with specially designed packets of 200 calorie, low carbs food. The packets of food available are shakes/smoothies, bars or meal replacements. The great thing about this is you can do flexible diet plans: my husband is in the Obese BMI bracket and is doing the Exante Total Solutions. This involves replacing all three meals with a 200 calorie option. Basically nothing else is allowed except water (you are allowed black coffee and tea instead) and herbs and spices if you want to add to the meals. 

I am in the “healthy” BMI area and only want to lose a small amount of weight, so I am doing the flexi plan, which involves replacing breakfast and lunch and then having a low calorie and low carb dinner in the evening. 

There are other meal plan options which may work for different people, I’m very impressed with how flexible the diets are. 

We decided to trial the diets for a week and see how we get on before buying more packs, so we got the 2 week special offer.

Day 1:

Hubby was 93.9 kg

I was 62.3 kg

Make sure you drink lots of water, like 2-4 litres a day. 

The first few days are the hardest, your body goes into starvation basically. You have no energy and I kept getting headaches (apparently all it needed was salt, someone suggested having an oxo cube and it was fine after). You don’t feel hungry during the day though, the replacement packs really work keeping you filled up. But the evening was a killer, after the kids were in bed I became desperate for food!

Day 3:

Hubby is 90.1 kg

I am 60.3 kg

I am far less tired now and less desperate for food all the time, I realise I have a serious sugar and bread addiction!

For 3 days I am really impressed with the weight loss so far, especially considering I’m not even doing the whole plan. I think I can see a difference, what do you think (left is day 0 and right is day 3)?

Stay tuned for more updates!

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