#colouryourpersonality What your interior decorating choices say about your personality

My current job involves working with interior paint and I love looking at the various colours available and deciding what works best in our different rooms. The colour you use in your rooms, whether that’s the wall paint colour, or the furnishings or ornaments can say a lot about you as a person.

My Dad likes to paint in bright colours, he has had a bright green room in the past and bright yellow or rich blues. I think mild, cool shades are calm and relaxing and bright colours are full of energy and wake you up. We decorated my son’s room in a bright aqua colour, I think kids’ rooms are always best in bright fun colours.

We have a lovely grey theme in our bed room, we have a deep grey wall and the rest is a light silvery grey, the curtains are silver and our Julian Charles bedding is grey too. I love grey as it can come in so many different shades, from blue tones, to silver and from light to dark, it is great to layer the greys. I think it is a lovely relaxing colour, perfect for a bedroom.

My parents use a lot of rich blues in their decorating, not so much as the main paint colour but as featured in paintings and ornaments around the house. This apparently means they prefer tranquillity and peace over hustle and bustle and they would rather have a few close friends over than a huge party, this is totally accurate for them.

Epril likes using black and white monochrome in her decorating.  Apparently this suggests that she likes the simple things in life and it doesn’t take much to please her.

One of my best friends adores purple and uses it lots in her decorating, this suggests that she likes routine and order, but that she is also creative and very house proud.

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What colour do you like to use in your decorating? What do you think your colour choices say about your personality?

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