A lawn is a small area of lowly cut grass around a house or a park. Lawns are kept majorly for aesthetic or recreational purposes such as golf, lawn tennis, football, public landscapes and so on. Lawns are supposed to be healthy and green in color in order to serve its purposes. If your lawn turns brown, it looks distasteful and reflects badly on the owner. A green lawn shows that it is well taken care of and it also gives an attractive flair to the environment it surrounds.

Ensuring a lawn remains green and smooth to serve its purposes is not difficult with the use of the right fertilizer. From time to time, a lawn has to be fertilized in order to main its rich green and smooth texture. In order to efficiently fertilize a lawn constantly, the best implement to use is the fertilizer spreader.

Fertilizer spreaders facilitate the spreading of fertilizer, lime, seeds and so on, your lawn. Ag Lime and fertilizer spreader are the most efficient for this work with its various application styles which can be fixed to suit the material being spread. Keeping a healthy, green lawn does not only involve knowledge of lawns, dedication, favorable weather and constant care, it also involves the application of seeds, chemicals and soil nutrients in the right amount. Every organic or inorganic product havedifferent quantities in which they should be spread. They also have different spread rates. It cannot be too much or too little product applied; it has to be just right.

To make these measurements, Ag Lime and fertilizer spreader can help you with the perfect amount of product to be applied at the right rate. Ag Lime and fertilizer spreader are durable and easy to use when carrying out the processes that would keep your lawn healthy and attractive. It has settings which enable you to adjust the spread rate in order to apply the product in the right amount all over your lawn. This is very essential to keep your lawn rich green and attractive.

On this article, you will get steps on facile ways to have a green and smooth lawn.


1.Choose the right type of grass and fertilize your lawn

Before choosing the right grass for your lawn, you should understand that there are different types of grasses. The different types grow best under different conditions hence you should consider your location, the kind of soil you have and the weather conditions when choosing out a grass for your lawn. Caring for your lawn and maintaining it is much easier with the right type of grass.

If you already have a grown lawn, the next step to keep it green and smooth is to fertilize it. Each fertilizer bag has three numbers which represent the percentage of nutrients the fertilizer contains. That is, the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium the fertilizer contains. Nitrogen is the most important of the three hence you should purchase products with a higher ratio of nitrogen. To apply the fertilizer to your lawn, get your Ag Lime and Fertilizer Spreader. Apply the fertilizer according to the instructions on your Ag Lime and Fertilizer spreader and your fertilizer bag. These instructions often include 1lb of nitrogen per 1000 square feet of lawn. This kind of application once a year, especially in the spring when the ground is more fertile, grows healthy green lawns.

2.Water your lawn constantly

The amount of water to be used in watering your lawn weekly depends on the soil type, the grass type and the weather condition. In the rainy season, it is advisable that you water your lawn with 2.5-3.25cm of water in the spring and fall while in the dry season, you can increase it to 5cm of water weekly. You do not need to water your lawn too frequently. Occasionally is perfect and when you do this, ensure you water it deeply. Healthy roots will grow healthy lawns. To promote healthy roots, you should water your lawns heavily. A quick tip to watering your lawn is to do so very early in the morning or late in the night to prevent evaporation due to daytime sun.

3.Keep away insects and weeds

Insects and weeds are hazards to growing and maintaining a green and smooth lawn. Weeds hinder the smoothness as some weeds are strong and sharp, obstructing you from enjoying recreational activities on your lawn. They can also take away the aesthetic purpose if not removed. These kinds of winds should be pulled out to prevent them from multiplying. Some insects such as grubs, beetles and other lawn pests can kill off your healthy lawn. To control this, you need to inform lawn care. Another approach is to fumigate the lawn with a healthy chemical that will not kill your lawn.

4.Aerate your lawn in the spring and fall

Aerating your lawn is the process of putting holes in the soil of your lawn to let air, water and nutrients enter into it. This should be done once in the fall to let the water, air and nutrient go down to the roots. This also prevents water runoff by creating a good drainage.

5.Add soil nutrients and pH

To ensure you have a healthy green and smooth lawn, you should conduct a soil test to know how acidic your soil is. If it is very acidic, you’ll need to sprinkle pelletized calcium carbonate lime yearly. Ag Lime and Fertilizer spreader will help you apply the right amount of this lime. Ensure your soil pH is within 6.0 to 7.0. The soil test might also let you know just how much soil nutrient your soil lacks such as nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium or iron. With the Ag Lime and Fertilizer spreader you can treat your soil with the right fertilizers.

Try these steps and you will definitely have a healthy green and smooth lawn all year long.



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