Are You New To Vaping? Here Are Five Things You Ought To Know!  

E-cigarettes aren’t new anymore. They can be traced back a decade now, as 2009 Simply e-Liquid muscled to the forefront of the then-nascent industry. Nowadays, many individuals around the globe use them, drastically increasing their popularity. In many areas, you can even find vape meets where follow enthusiasts gather to exchange gadgets and new flavours. This might all seem confusing if vaping is new to you, and all the various pieces of terminology might even prove overwhelming to you. In order to bring you up to speed, the following are five things you should know before you get started.

1) There Are Many Kinds Of Devices:

Essentially, e-cigarettes are electronic devices that heat up flavoured liquids that have nicotine and certain other ingredients. The process of heating creates a vapour, which the vapour then inhales.

Many individuals don’t even know there are various kinds of devices. They come in a variety of makes and models, some of which are refilled with liquids, whereas others are refilled through the use of tanks or cartridges. Vapes that need e-liquids are known as Open System e-cigarette models, and the Simply e-Liquid PRO Kit we offer falls into this category. Alternatively, our mySimply e-Liquid Kit, works with tanks and cartridges, and those models are known as Closed System e-cigarette versions.

On top of open and closed system e-cigs, there are also devices which are even more advanced, known as APVs, Mods, and Box Mods. Such vapes frequently feature a modification to the tank or cartridge size, or even the battery power, so that the vapour can make adjustments according to their own personal taste. Sometimes the vapour drips the e-liquid on top of a heating mechanism, and they won’t even use a tank or cartridge in the first place. Those are known as DripTips. Simply e-Liquid does not sell this kind, and only advanced vapes should be using them anyway.

Simply e-Liquid practises stringent quality control standards to make sure that we offer only the best devices possible. That is one reason why our Simply e-Liquid range is better than many other e-cigs. Within our collection, you’ll also discover industry-exclusive packs, like the Simply e-cig bundle. This kit comes with a pack that lets you charge your batteries while you’re out and about, while also providing storage for spare batteries and extra flavour tanks or cartridges.

2) How To Inhale The First Time You Vape:

Vaping is basically a process where you inhale vapour. However, before you ever do this the first time, you should get familiar with your device. As you know by now, there are various devices, and they don’t always work exactly the same. For instance, vaping with our own Simply E Cig device means that you click on your liquidpod, then vape, and then repeat.

Don’t give your first inhale everything you’ve got. Starting off with smaller primer puffs is a good recommendation to follow. You don’t actually inhale vapour with primer puffs, so the vapour production is actually increased, and you get to enjoy better flavour.

Once you finish your primer puffs, then you can really get going. You can try out a number of various vaping techniques, and many vapours fall into either the category of mouth holders or inhalers. Mouth holders don’t directly inhale vapour straight into their lungs, instead first holding it for a while in their mouths; some even exhale before their body has a chance to inhale the vapour further in. On the other hand, inhalers will directly inhale the vapour right to their lungs, as this usually results in a stronger sensation. The choice is yours, but if you’re looking for better flavour, then mouth holding is the way to go.

3) Always Keep Your Battery Charged And Clean:

Your battery is a crucial element of your vape, and you need to take proper care of it. In order to keep it working right, you have to clean it regularly. Your battery will be exposed to dirt and dust if you carry your device with you in a bag or pocket. The terminal of the battery is its most important part, as well as the only truly exposed part of the entire device. Cleaning your battery as a routine habit means that you won’t force dirt into your device and risk your vape malfunctioning on you. In order to clean your battery, just hold a cotton bud as you would a pencil, and swirl the tip of it around the terminal in order to get rid of dust and dirt. While you’re at it, make sure the terminal’s inner walls are also dirt-free.

As you use your vape, you’ll eventually drain the battery. Once it’s empty, your device can no longer function. Keeping your battery fully charged helps you get the most use out of your vape. Also, even if you have charge left, a battery that is draining will produce weakened vapour, and that can even lower your nicotine dispersion rate.

Another good reason to keep a full charge in your battery is to maintain its intended level of performance. The majority of e-cigs have lithium-ion batteries in them. This kind of battery is one that likes staying charged, and it might even lose its maximum charge capacity if you let it drain down to zero regularly. Alternatively, you can also trigger performance decline by overcharging your battery.

4) The Proper Maintenance of Your Vape:

Aside from the battery, you need to also ensure the rest of your device stays clean in order to enjoy its proper functions. It only takes a bit of water and a paper towel to prevent quite a few headaches. The clearomizer is one component in particular to keep clean. This is the part of the e-cigarette that stores the e-liquid and converts it into vapour. When you don’t routinely clean your clearomizer, you might discover that the e-liquid has built up a residue, which increases your chances of a leak. To be sure you don’t get the battery wet, you do need to disassemble your device before cleaning it. Pour a little water into your clearomizer, cover up the top, and then shake it for just a few seconds. Next, pour the water out, and thoroughly wipe it down. If you’re not big on cleaning in the first place, then you might be smart to treat yourself to a second clearomizer so that you can just swap them out as needed.

Another component that you want to keep clean is your mouth piece. That’s just due to the fact that most folks don’t like the taste of debris or lint in their mouth, as they’d much rather savour the flavor instead.

5) Storage:

A crucial aspect to maintaining the condition of your device is how you store it. If you store your e-cig upside down, or even just on its side, then it is likely to leak on you. This of course would drain your e-liquid. As such, the best practice is storing your device in an upright position. Vapes usually don’t hold up well to prolonged exposure to extreme heat or direct sunlight. You might enjoy tanning, but if you do so, just remember to keep your device out of the sun and safely inside at room temperatures. The same applies for your e-liquids. The taste of an e-liquid can actually change if it is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

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