Geomag mechanics gravity shoot and catch set review and giveaway

My 7 years old son loves building lego so I thought I will introduce him to something more challenging but very educational. It’s the Geomag mechanics gravity shoot and catch set which is perfect for kids age 7 years old and above.

What is geomag?

Geomag is a very STEM focussed company and they are launching a new range called Mechanics Gravity.  Mechanics Gravity is a completely innovative play system that expands the concept of play. With it you can have fun and play with the invisible forces of gravity and magnetism, whilst building incredible moving structures.

What is mechanics gravity?

The Gravity range combines the invisible forces of magnetism with those of gravity through a series of fun and original solutions. Geomagworld’s R&D department has managed to develop an innovative “gravity motor”: this uses the weight of the Geomag spheres to kickstart the mechanisms of the Geomag Mechanics structures without using electric motors or batteries. The movement is achieved in a green and sustainable way.

The use of fundamental laws of physics, such as magnetism and gravity, makes Mechanics Gravity a particularly STEM product. It is able to stimulate and deepen your scientific knowledge from older age primary students to secondary levels.

The system is made up of magnetic rods, steel spheres and elements of different shapes such as cylinders, bearings and modular parts. When assembled correctly, you can use the force of gravity to create chain reactions for never-ending fun.

My son unboxed the packaging and he got excited to see its content of 243 separate pieces; 11 magnetic rods, 36 steel spheres and 196 plastic pieces. In the beginning, he started building anything as he liked the magnetic rods and he thought it’s the same as the marble magnetic run until he started looking at the instruction and find it challenging.

Some of the instructions can be a bit hard to work out if you don’t analyse them. There are 2 instruction which is the basic and the step by step so you may need time to concentrate in putting things together.

Luckily my teenage daughter was very helpful and they both look at the instruction together and start building the magnetic track. I must admit it can be a little bit tricky to put things together as they can be fiddly or hard so you really need to analyse the instruction and look at the step by step instruction to make it easier. My daughter was very patience in showing to my 7 years old on how to put it all together by following the instruction.

My son and daughter have enjoyed working together like a team helping each other and it’s a good learning experience for my son as well. He was fascinated with the magnetic ball and tried to build things as well of his own.

This might be a bit difficult task for my son right now but he is very keen to learn so it’s very beneficial to him. It does stimulate his brain to be more creative and to easily follow instructions. It’s fun and very educational to use a combination of gravity and magnet to send a steel ball from one end of the track to the other.

This is definitely a recommended toy to be added to our Christmas gift guide in the future as this would make the perfect present for any occasions. It has a very good educational benefit for the children and will encourage creativity and understanding on gravity and magnetism.

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*please note: This item was sent to us for free for the purpose of this review and giveaway, however this has not affected our opinion.

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