Adagio Teas Review

Fancy a cup of tea? Then you’re probably going to love this post. It’s my first time to come across with Adagio teas and to try loose tea. Loose tea is definitely better in terms of taste, freshness and aroma.

I have received the following samples:

Christmas teas

These are such wonderful teas to have and the aromas really bring the feeling of Christmas. Candy cane is truly a delight to have. Candy apple was loved by my daughter, it reminded her of her childhood memories. Gingerbread was perfect for my husband’s taste buds as he liked the mixture infusion of warm cinnamon, crisp orange and zesty ginger. Chestnut is lovely as well.

Berries teas

If you love berries then this would be your cup of tea. I love this tea as it has a sweet essence and smells like real fruit. They all have a fruity aroma and they are all black teas.

Sweet tooth teas

These are one of my favourites. Oh my God! Your gonna love this tea if you have a sweet tooth like me. It definitely replaced the cravings for sweets so there is no need for cakes or biscuits as it is perfect already. It’s like having all in one, so you can indulge yourself without feeling guilty.

Chai teas

These are black teas. I have tried the chocolate chai which is interesting because it has some infusion of spices. If you like spices then this is the best range of teas for you.

Orchard herbals was sweet and fruity. If you’re into fruit teas then this is the right one for you. I love the aroma of fruits from them.

Honeybush pumpkin chai is very autumnal and perfect for this season. I love the hint of pumpkin chai which brings a wonderful feeling of October.

Nut & spice teas are also very autumnal. The samples are almond, hazelnut, vanilla and oriental spice. It has that lovely aroma of nutty taste with Ceylon black tea. Vanilla was lovely and really nice to taste.

Earl grey teas is a classic and my all time favourite when it comes to traditional tea where I can add milk. I love the classic blend of bergamot and orange zest on earl grey bravo.

Oolong teas

I gave the oolong teas to one of my colleagues at work and he tried and tested them with his solid silver Georgian teapot that was made in 1806. The following feedback And image below was provided by him.

The words he used to describe the tea was ”tasty, orangey and lovely”.

He continued on to saying that it has a ”lovely peachy smell” and that oolong tea was probably his ”favourite tea”.

”Almond oolong,smelling like marzipan, it would nice for Christmas,with the cake.”

”Vanilla oolong,strong vanilla and reminds me of vanilla ice cream.”

The favourite of the 4 above is peach and almond. They are lovely refreshing teas to enjoy from time to time.

Porcelain cup and infuser with coaster lid

This accessory is perfect to go with adagio teas. To prepare tea, simply place leaves inside the infuser and fill the cup with hot water. When done, remove the infuser (the cover doubles as a coaster) and enjoy a perfect cup of tea wherever, and whenever the mood strikes. Perfect for home or office use. 

Paper tea filters

Paper tea filters are perfect to use if you’re going to prepare your tea in a pot. It acts as a tea bag, just put loose tea inside the filter bag and use the teapot lid to keep the filter bag hangs inside the pot.

I have a few more teas left that I haven’t tried so it’s exciting. Overall, I have had a very a wonderful experience with all these Adagio Teas and even my friends share the same experience as I have given a few samples around and they loved it too. The taste is really high quality compared to normal tea bags. The freshness and the aroma are very comforting and makes you feel happy, warm and relax. It’s the best way to unwind and put your feet up while getting warm in this cold season. They have a great selection as well so there is always something for everyone. I’m feeling like I will changefrom coffee to tea. Now, would you like to have a cup of tea with me? Let me know and maybe I can send you some leftover samples too 😊

* Disclosure: Items were sent free for the purpose of this review. However, all thoughts and wordings are all mines, unless otherwise stated.

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