Sensio home personal blender review

Are you trying to be healthy? Well, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be so hard if you are always on the go. You have to make time and effort to prepare healthy food so having a good equipment to make life easier is very important.

If you are into a smoothie or healthy drink then you are going to love this personal blender from sensio home. It’s so easy to use and comes with 2 x 600 ml sports bottle with drinking lid and carry hook. Just put your choice of fruits or vegetables in the bottle then blend it and off you go. I would advise you put fruits or vegetables last that can be easily liquefied so that when you flip the bottle it goes at the bottom so it will blend first.

For my milkshake I have put grapes, strawberry and apple so when I flip the bottle and connect it to the base, the apple was on the bottom which is a lot harder to grind first as its harder than the rest of the fruits. If the grapes and strawberry get grind first then they will get easily blend with the apple as they do get watery easily which help to grind the apple easily. This way you don’t need to add anything else so you can get 100 percent of the fruits health benefit. You can add anything if preferable but for me I like it all natural fruits. No added sugar or anything and it tastes better as well.

One of the features is a none slip base so its easier to use the blender as it won’t move and it’s safer since its a powerful 500W motor. Also comes with a durable stainless steel blade so it can grind quicker.

I’m pleased with this personal blender and happy with the quality of it, definitely a good value for money. It’s practical and really useful in preparing a healthy snack while on the go. You can make a shake, smoothie or soup with it.

Disclosure: Item received discounted for the purpose of this review. However, all thoughts and wordings are all my own.

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