Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab Review And Giveaway

Beaker creatures liquid reactor super lab from learning resources has been fun learning for my boys as they loved experimenting and making a mess.

15 piece set includes the following :

  • 2 reactor pods with mystery beaker creatures
  • 1 liquid reactor super lab base
  • 2 hydroplungers
  • 2 beakers
  • 1 set of tongs
  • 1 stir rod
  • 2 classification cards
  • 2 mini posters with amazing science facts
  • 1 experiment guide
  • 1 full size poster

The packaging looks very colourful and interesting so would make a great present for Christmas or birthdays. The creatures are in a fizzy bath bomb that you have to drop in the water or main chamber before plunging water to find out what the mystery creatures are. This let my boys experiment with liquid substance and see their reactions.

My boys had a look at the instruction and I help them set it up to start with. First, you have to assemble but you may need help as it was a bit tricky to hook up the tubings to the main chamber. There are 2 beakers so i gave them one each to fill with water. We don’t have a lot of food colouring so I gave them 1 colour each and they learn to mixed the colour to the liquid.

There is 2 fizzy bath bomb so they have one each which let them take a turn in finding what creatures they have.

Extract your creature

Cosmic colours

My boys put water in their beaker before adding colour to mixed. Samuel put a yellow colouring in his beaker and Richard put purple in his one. Richard then drops his yellow reactor pods to the main chamber. Next they fill their plunger with coloured water from their beaker. They were excited to do it together so I let them press down and plunge the liquid into the chamber at the same time. They were amazed at the bubbling reaction and immediately extract the first creature. They said that the liquid mixture colour appeared yellow black.

Identify the species

After extracting the creature, we look at the full size poster to identify it. Richard said that he’s got flylo creature. To get to know more about flylo, Richard look at the classification cards to find out more.

Explore their world

Richard find out more about flylo when he look at the classification card and learn that its a buglettes. He then look at the mini poster with amazing science facts to explore their world which is very educational.

Other activities.

Using just water, its Samuel’s turn to extract his creature. They did the same procedure as the cosmic colours activity except no colour added on the water this time. Samuel’s reactor pod is purple.

They work as a team in plunging the liquid into the chamber by pressing it together at the same time. They were having fun when the foam fizz and rise. It even spills over with its bubbling reaction and they get excited that will rise more and get messier.

Samuel struggled to take his creature so Richard helps him. His creature is snoball and its a part of frostonians.

They don’t have anymore creature to extract but Samuel wants to play more so I let him do the Deep blue sea activity and Richard help him as well.

He mixed a purple colouring to the other beaker with water and baby oil to the other one. Fill one plunger with coloured water and then the other one with baby oil. He finds the beaker with baby oil slippery. We just put his creature to the main chamber and they enjoyed plunging the blue water and plunge the baby oil.

Alien slime time

Unfortunately, there is no material provided for this activity so we didn’t get a chance to try this. However, my boys had so much fun testing this set. They really enjoyed playing like experimenters and they said that they would like to be a scientist when they grow up. This is their favourite toy that we have tried and tested. This would make a great activity to play as well for siblings to learn to take a turn and helping each other. It also educates them in terms of experimenting.

The good thing with this beaker creatures is that you can use it again. Just wash them, dry and keep it for next time. This is exciting for the kids as well as it means they can collect all the creatures and you can buy them from learning resources website or Amazon.

Learning resources is giving away beaker creatures to a lucky winner so come and join our competition.

To win this Beaker creatures liquid reactor super lab, Please enter via the rafflecopter link below:

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Terms and conditions:

Entry opens from 14 November 2018 until 28 November 2018. Completion open to uk residents only. Winner will be notified by email and prize sent directly from the brand, Eps and Amy cannot be held responsible for lost parcels. We reserve the right to amend or cancelled this giveaway if necessary.

Disclosure : I was sent a liquid reactor super lab for the purpose of this review. However, all thoughts and wordings are my own.

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  1. my little girl wants to be a chemist when she’s older – I’m so proud of her experiments so far, she’s only little, but knows a lot!!

  2. My daughter would love experimenting with this. She’s always trying something new and not only surprises me but herself also, so this would be perfect for her

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