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I live here in the UK and my family side lives in the Philippines including my mum. Although I keep uploading photos on my Facebook account, my mum doesn’t get to see it all the time. The Internet connection in the Philippines isn’t as good as here in the UK. My mum is also not good with technology, she can’t operate her mobile phone without a help from my brother. This is why I’m happy when I was approached by Neveo to try their service.

I really like the idea of uploading our monthly family photos to be sent to my mum in the Philippines. It will make my mum happy to receive a photo journal of our family especially to see how her grandchildren have been doing. It’s also a great way for my mum to get to know my children’s personality through the photos so that when they come to visit the Philippines she will have an idea of what they like. I’m sure she will be proud as well to show it to her friends as she can keep it forever.

It’s easy to set up, all you have to do first is download the Neveo app and once its ready you can start uploading photos in one go or throughout the month and you will always receive an email to update you before your album get finalised into printing. On neveo’s app, you can create an account for your chosen recipient where you put their postal address then you can start creating the album. Once the photos are uploaded it’s better to put a caption with it, otherwise it will leave a blank on a space provided for a caption.

The good thing with Neveo as well is that you can invite other family members to include them in creating the album. It allows them to add photos on the album which is perfect for siblings to upload a photos of their children so that all grandchildren will be included. This would be a perfect present for grandparents to see all their grandchildren photos in one album.

Neveo use a standard lay out so less worries once the album has finished. You will also get an email update all the time as the album get printed and posted to your recipient. They do post worldwide which is good for families who have a long distance relatives.

I have received a copy of the journal that was posted to my mum and I’m happy with everything. The image was clear and was printed on a good quality paper with a glossy finish. Remember your family abroad and update them with your life using Neveo. Receiving a photo journal every month is a lovely treasure to keep from family and relatives. It makes them feel special and appreciated that you want to share your best photo moment with them. Take advantage of neveo’s current promotion which you only pay your first month for just 99 pence and once you’ve signed up, if you choose the annual plan you will get three months out of twelve for free.

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