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My son has been coughing for 2 weeks now and i feel helpless. I have already taken him to the nurse and she said it takes up to 3 weeks to clear and she won’t recommend cough syrup. I have been giving him honey and lemon in a warm water and massage his back with vicks or coconut oil etc but don’t know know what else to soothe him or to make him feel better. This is why I turned to my fellow blogger and ask their recommended home remedy for a cough. Here what they have got to say.

Hayley from Devon Mama said, It’s horrible isn’t it? Mine both have the same. We swear by Snufflebabe on their feet, the Calpol plug in and a tiny drop or two of Olbas Oil for kids nearby when they sleep.

Josie from Me, them and the others said, Make a tea with fresh thyme and honey. Get a few sprigs of thyme and pour boiling water over them, let it steep for 10 minutes, remove the thyme and let it cool down before adding honey to taste.

Emma from All she loves said, I was told to put vicks rub on the feet then put socks on at bedtime. I’ve tried it on myself and it did work. I haven’t tried it on my daughter (she has an inhaler which we use when she starts coughing) but you can get children’s vapour rub.

Kate from Ever after with kids said, Apparently some coughs are helped if the air is a bit more humid/not so dry, so a vaporiser or even just a bowl of steaming water somewhere in the room to add some moisture to the air might help.

Lisa from the family ticket said, Humidifier with olbas oil drops!

Steph from Renovation bay-bee said, Use a air diffuser with natural essential oils in their room.

Ian from dads delicious dinners said, Vicks on bottom of feet. Always works for mine. I have no idea why, I got the tip from another parent. It’s awful from a parents perspective, not being able to do anything. Bless ya.

Sophie from Soph Obsessed said, Run the shower and get the bathroom steamy and sit in there and breathe in the air for 15 mins, it really helps.

I also search online and found these 12 natural cough remedies.

I hope that this can help you too or if you know anything else that is effective, please do share as sharing is caring 😊

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