Sunglasses : A summer must

If there is one item you need this summer, it is a pair of sunglasses. Not only do sunglasses add a stylish and sleek finishing touch to any outfit, but they are vital for your health too.

Below, we reveal the importance of adding sunglasses to your outfits while travelling this summer, as well as the best types of sunglasses that are available today.

Reasons to wear sunglasses

There are many reasons why you need to wear sunglasses while travelling this summer. If you already wear glasses, you can click here to find sunglasses that will be suitable. But before you do that, why do you even need sunglasses?

Firstly, you can prevent sun-related health problems from arising. If you have prolonged exposure to the sun, a wide range of ailments can arise. While some are irritating and painful, others can be very severe. Here are some of the health complications and diseases that sunglasses can help protect against:

    Pterygium – This is also known as surfer’s eye, which is a growth on the eyeball. It can be irritating and painful, but it is usually not too serious. The most common treatments are steroids and eye drops, and in some cases, surgery.

    Macular degeneration – This causes impaired vision and eventual blindness. It is a condition where the macula, which is part of the retina, deteriorates. UV radiation can speed this up.

    Glaucoma – This is a serious eye condition that can result in blindness.

    Cataracts – Long-term exposure to UV rays can cause cataracts, which are cloudy areas on the eye’s lens.

    Skin cancer – Did you know that almost ten per cent of skin cancers are found near the eyes? The skin surrounding the eyes is very sensitive to sunlight, including your eyelids. You will not only protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses but the skin around your eyes too.

Aside from this, bad headaches and migraines can arise due to bright sunlight. You can reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches by wearing sunglasses. Even if you do not suffer from migraines or headaches, you will reduce fatigue and eyestrain by wearing sunglasses, ensuring you will be more comfortable while outdoors.

Sunglasses can protect you from the elements. If you are in an area that is dusty and windy, this can cause irritation. Also, if you get sand in your eyes, it can be very dangerous and painful. This can actually cause permanent damage, as the tiny grains of sand can scratch your eye. Ensuring your eyes are fully covered is the best way to keep the elements out.

You will also get more enjoyment from your travels by wearing sunglasses. The views will have less of a glare and be sharper, and the contrast and colour will be improved. If you are going to be spending time surrounded by water, you will be able to see through the glare on the top of the water with the right sunglasses, enabling you to see aquatic life and fish life that you never knew was there.

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