Fantastic hacks to speed up spring cleaning


Time flies, they say, when you are having a great time. This must be the case of nearly every house owner’s year. It feels as if a moment has passed since autumn and we are nearly over the winter. It won’t be long before spring arrives; bringing a long list of household cleaning tasks that need to be done. What is different now, though, is that you can sprint to the fun side of having a spotlessly clean house with these amazing spring cleaning hacks that promise to speed things up and streamline the process in an utterly enticing way.

Tip #1: Clean & Disinfect Your Tools

More than often, people overuse their sponges, brushes, and cloths before they eventually microwave them for 30 seconds or clean them any other way they prefer the most. This means that they become dirtier and dirtier over the weeks and months, which will demand more of your time to clean them properly. Not to mention that cleaning surfaces with dirty cloths or sponges actually make things worse as you increase the chance to pass on germs and more dust and dirt than it was already there in the first place. So, either throw your cleaning tools in the microwave for half a minute every now then or toss them in a bucket filled with a mild disinfectant solution. If you have a steam cleaner, you could use it too for that purpose.

Note: Don’t forget to clean the garbage disposal too. To steer clear from built-up residue and any unpleasant odours, cut a lemon in half, throw it in, add some salt and several ice cubes, shake for a few minutes and voila!

Tip #2: Set a Timer

The number of things that need to be washed, disinfected, and scrubbed could be overwhelming. To avoid getting lost in a maze of to-do tasks, which will affect your morale negatively, assign a time limit to everything that has to be done. Knowing from before that you have an X amount of time to finish something will most likely help you stay focused and, perhaps, even work a bit faster!


Tip #3: Use the Power of Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges are great allies in your hands when you want to clean and/or sanitise surfaces, such as stainless steel faucets. You may use halves of these fruits to remove rust from stainless steel (i.e., showerhead), break down limescale, or get rid of persistent water stains (simply rub!). As an extra advantage, you will also enjoy a refreshing, natural scent behind. Plus, you won’t need to inhale all harsh chemical fumes from non-natural cleaning products.

Note: Speaking of water stains previously, you’d be amazed to know that your hair dryer has more uses than just, well, drying hair. In fact, you can use it to slowly remove those nasty water rings on your wooden coffee table. Sharing a bit of a carpenter’s wisdom here; blasting the affected spot on high heat will allow you to witness a small miracle, as the water spot gradually disappears. Recondition with a bit of olive oil (dab a cotton ball with it and rub the area) and, as good as new!

Tip #4: Wax On, Wipe Off

Karate Kid may have been fun to watch, but it was also enlightening! After a full winter’s ordeal for your cooker, you are now stuck with grime that needs to be removed asap. Don’t sweat over it. Use your steam cleaner to soften sticky grease, then remove with a dishwasher liquid-water solution, apply a thin layer of car wax, and wipe it out with a clean cloth or towel. That way, you not only give your stove an out-of-the-box appearance again and save yourself time and effort as wiping off spills will be a breeze from that moment on.  

Extra Tips:

  • Place a bowl with some water, a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar, and a few drops of lavender or whichever essential oil you prefer in the microwave and zap for 3-4 minutes (the hottest cycle possible) to help remove old food stains from the inside.

  • Dusting your furniture with tumble dryer/fabric softener sheets will help get rid of dust for a while thanks to their electrostatic attributes that pick up dust particles and prevent new ones from settling in.

  • Try cleaning your windows with a solution where you mix warm water, a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid, and white vinegar. The secret to squeaky clean windows is to clean them when there is not lots of sunshine, which will force the glass to dry too quickly and leave those nerve-wracking streaks.

  • Consider using your dishwasher to clean everything from pet dishes and kids toys to makeup brushes, soap dishes, knobs, and hair brushes to avoid having to dedicate significant elbow grease and patience to clean them individually.

It doesn’t need to require too much effort to spring clean your home; only smarter choices!

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