Top tips on travelling by car through different weather conditions

I know some people who were involved in a car accident so it’s important to always take safety precautions when travelling especially in different weather conditions. We have to always be prepared. Before we travel, we always check the weather first and if it’s a long journey, my husband always checks the tyres to see if it needs to change it to make sure that it’s appropriate to the weather conditions.

When it’s raining hard it’s almost difficult to see especially at night and it’s very important to keep a safe distance. I find this Video very helpful when it comes to visualising accurate stopping distances depending on weather conditions. I also ask my fellow bloggers with their top tips and here they are:

Kirsty from the money saving mum said, Keep your distance from the car in front. Try and be observant of the lights ahead of the car in front of them too especially in bad weather.

Becky from bukit said, Give yourself a lot tof time to spare – always then if the weather is really too bad you can stop for a while till it passes. Hurrying, no matter what the weather, can be reckless.

Veronica from my parenting journey said, Make sure to check everything (tires, brakes, etc.) before leaving, especially in long travels. It would be also safe not to drive in top speed most especially when you have passengers that are children.

Leyla from motherhood diaries said, Make sure you have the right tyres for each terrain and season, I. E. Get winter tyres for the winter season as they allow for more friction on the road.

Laura from autumns mummy blog said, Make sure that your tyres have adequate tread. You don’t want to risk not being able to stop quickly enough in inclement weather and having an accident. It’s important to replace the tyres if the tread is at or near its limit when you’re going on a journey.

Nicola from the merralls home said, Make sure you pack blankets, wellies and a torch in the car in the winter. Food and drinks are also good to carry just in case you did get stuck somewhere.

Always let someone know where you are going and roughly what route you will take.

Not all cars have spare tires these days, so check to see if you have one or not. If you don’t it might be worth purchasing a space safer.

Carry an in car phone charger ALWAYS because the last thing you need is to need to call someone and have no battery left.

It’s good to be with a breakdown company to just so you have back up.

Erica from the incidental parent said,

Tyre pressure is very important. Check your manual for the correct pressure, you don’t want too much or too little.

Always check your tyre pressure before a long journey as well.

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