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I keep getting a £5 discount code from Everything5pounds through Refer a friend  promotion but it’s accumulating and I don’t really need them as I shop all the time hence I’m giving it away for free. All you have to do is comment here and I will message you a £5 code and Shop here through our link and it will direct you to everything£5 site. I’ve got 4 codes at the moment. 

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Anthony James white vintage men’s watch review | #triedtested

It’s our 10th year wedding anniversary next month with my lovely husband so I thought I will give him a watch as a present. I was lucky enough to be chosen to review this watch from New Designer Anthony James Analogue White & Silver Quartz Mens Watch Sale Links Strap & White Calendar

I have received this watch the next day after I ordered it which is a quick delivery and upon removing from its packaging, I was impress with its quality. The overall packaging was presentable and looks expensive. The box appeared smart and really looking stylish. If I don’t know the price, I thought it’s a designer range.

Inside the box you have the watch and user manual and it’s lifetime warranty which makes me more amazed that it’s offer a lifetime. Taking the watch out, you can notice some clear plastic protection wrapped in bracelet and in the face and back of the watch. The watch appeared reasonable size for a man it’s not chunky or too big I think it’s perfect.

This watch is meant for my husband but I have tried it on and looks lovely. The watch looks expensive and smart to wear. The watch feature has the main analogue clock face and seconds and the date which can be easily adjusted with the button. The button and dial on the watch seems durable and won’t break easily. The watch has also Anthony James engraved at the back and on the bracelet lock.

I’m overall impress with the quality, design and value of this watch. I think it’s a good quality watch and excellent value of money. I’m very pleased with this watch and would definitely recommend it. I’m sure it’s the perfect 10th wedding anniversary for my husband. I hope he likes it though 🙂

Note: Item was provided for review but all words and opinion are my own.

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Rubaisha; the story of unrealised love. By Naseha Sameen

2016. Egyptian historical fiction.
Rubaisha is the story of a mysterious Egyptian queen Rubaisha of Rubailee. It tells the story of her life, initially as a biography in the hands of an Egyptologist and then through magic as they travel back in time.

Available here, for just £1.53:

Rubaisha: The Story of Unrealized Love (The Time Trilogy Book 1)

Initially I felt for the character Rubaisha, but as the story progresses you realise she is human afterall as she makes some mistakes and her death is her own fault, which she has blamed others for.

The character I related to most was Arkush (the hero). He always tries to fight on the side of good, but sometimes it’s not always black and white.

I loved the character Alaina and would like to read a story based on the rest of her life.

The style this author writes in is unusual, very brief and to the point, there isn’t huge descriptive passages which drone on for ages. I like it! You get the story, clearly and detailed and get drawn into the Egyptian world.

Sometimes a novel covers only a few hours in a whole book, but this novella covered a life time, and some time travel.

I would recommend this book. I am not one to have read many ancient Egyptian based books and I don’t think the accuracy as to whether a queen like Rubaisha could have existed matters, I read historical fiction books as a story and this story I enjoyed. As mentioned I would love to know what happened to Alaina.

I would give this book 7/10.

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Giveaway! Mermaid tail

If, like me, you love these mermaid tail blankets which are all the rage at the moment, you will understand my excitement when I was offered one to review:

STURME Mermaid Tail Blanket , Handmade Knitted , Sofa Quilt living room blanket Blue Mermaid Blanket for Adults and Kids (74.8 inch x 38.2 inch)

The tail is the perfect size for both children or adults:

Available for just £14.99 it is really well priced and considering the price is so low it is really good quality. The stitching is nice and tight, does look like it will come apart or get damaged easily.

The tail itself has a slit up the back so you can get into it easily without damaging or stretching it. The material is lovely and soft, perfect for a cold winter’s evening.

They were kind enough to send us a free mermaids tail, so we can provide one as a giveaway to one of our lucky followers.

To enter click on our rafflecopter link below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*terms and conditions: giveaway runs from 00:01 on 18/02/17 until 23:59 on 28/02/17. Open to uk residents only, winner will be selected at random after closing. One entry per item completed on rafflecopter. We keep the right to cancel or amend this giveaway at any time.

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Deluxe Cheesy-pasta #foodiefriday #recipe

I adore easy to cook meals and this one is so simple!





frozen peas

tinned sweetcorn

soft cheese (Philadelphia or equivalent own brand version)


Pre-cook the bacon, onion and halloumi and in a separate pan boil the pasta and frozen peas and sweetcorn


mix all together and add the soft cheese


Stir well and grate some cheese on top if you like, and serve!


The great thing about this recipe is that you can add whatever you like, put chicken in, other vegetables, new potatoes or rice instead of pasta, use the flavoured cheeses (garlic and herb, black pepper etc), add milk or cream if the sauce is too thick. It is really yummy, but really quick and easy.

Mummy in a Tutu
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Albrillo wireless motion sensor night light #triedtested

If, like us, you have a bathroom light which goes “cha-Ching” really loudly when you turn it on, or maybe you (like us) have a child who has an inability to turn lights off, so they go to the bathroom in the night and you have to get up to turn the light back off. Well if that is you then you need this night light as much as I did and at only £7.99 you can’t go wrong!

Albrillo Wireless Motion Sensor Light Battery Operated Dimmable Night Lights

It takes 3 AA batteries and either sticks with double sided tape or you can screw it to the wall. It is turned on by a mixture of motion sensor and infra-red heat detection and it doesn’t turn on during the day, only in low light times.

I had a push button night light before but Jack kept leaving it on and it ran out of batteries within a week, so this one is great he doesn’t need to touch it (which inevitably leads to him breaking things) and he doesn’t need to remember to turn it off.

It has 3 settings for brightness (50, 75 or 100%) to be honest they all looked pretty similar to me, but I have it on the lowest setting and even then it blinds you for a minute when it turns on (photo upside down so you can see the switch for brightness). But no more tiddle on the seat or the floor (boys!!) and no more light being left on making me climb out of bed.

There was no complicated settings, simply install the batteries and it’s ready to go. Easy!

*note; item was received at discounted price for the purpose of a review, but all words and opinions are my own.

Video to show light turning on by itself, sorry it’s so dark, but that’s kind of the point of a light lol

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Ways to wear a pashmina

I love pashminas but only ever wear them the “normal” way: over my shoulders like a wrap, round my neck like a standard scarf or as a skirt round my waist.

A simple, yet elegant shrug. Perfect over an evening gown. Wrap over your shoulders, under your arms then tie behind your back

A pretty knot for everyday wear. Tie a knot in one end and lace the other end through the knot.

Wrap around your front and tie a knot behind your neck.

Another round the neck style, wrap the pashmina over your shoulders and twist each end and your flip it over your shoulder

This style takes a bit more effort but shows off the beautiful ends of the pashmina. Gold pashmina in half length ways, then fold the opposite corners into a triangle ish shape. Wrap it round your neck and tie it at the back.

I have done a video for these styles, check it out here:

The pashmina used in these photos and video was from Accessory Insanity. It is of amazing quality and perfect for testing out a whole heap of different styles. Well worth the £8.50, I want them all!

Accessory Insanity also sell amazing bags and purses, which I have fallen in love with:

They also sell hats, leggings, socks and jewellery. Well worth checking out for some funky designs.

*pashmina was provided for the review from Accessory Insanity, but all words and opinions are my own.

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