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What to wear on Mother’s Day? | free Everything5pounds code

My teenage daughter usually ask me, ” what I want on Mother’s Day? And my reply would be, ” a clean house everyday lol” I keep telling to her that I don’t need anything in terms of material things. I said to her to save her money instead.
I’m sure every mum feels the same. Once you became a mum, you don’t think about yourself anymore. You probably couldn’t care or have time to make yourself looks nice or beautiful. And you probably feel it’s a waste of money to treat yourself to a new clothes or anything you just want but don’t need as your priority is always your children first. 
But I’m sure you would love to be pampered a little bit, to treat yourself with new clothes, spa, day out or something to make you feel relax and special. We usually go out for a meal and I’m sure it’s not bad to dress up sometimes for a special ocassion like Mother’s Day. And for that we’re giving away a 10 discount code to be use at Everything5pounds which is £5 each code. Just message us and we will reply you with the £5 off discount code. Alternatively you can comment on our Facebook page to get one code.
Now you can start treating yourself a little bit. Check out our favourites! 

check out this Contrast collar skater dress which looks stylish yet comfortable to wear. 

Omg if your into Maxi dress this one is gorgeous just pair it with a denim jacket or white blazer and celebrate Mother’s Day with bright colour which perfect this spring season. 

If your into top then this cute Laser trim white top is perfect with its simplicity but cute and looks pretty.

Omg embroidered clothes is very trendy at the moment and this is definitely cute and quirky yet fashionable as well Embroidered pinstripe top could be yours. 

And if your into jumpsuit but want a comfortable one yet striking then this one is perfect Striped cropped wrap jumpsuit

Have a look at this ideas if you like them otherwise you can go to Everything5pounds  and choose based on your taste and style. 

❤ happy Mother’s Day to all Mummy ❤

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Gift guide

Mother’s Day Ideas – Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is always a difficult one to choose a present for. I adore my Mum, her help with everything is immeasurable: from cooking guidance, to child raising advise and relationship help. Buying a present which shows how much I love her would be impossible.

I have been looking around for something meaningful or something which would be appreciated:









  • If you are thinking chocolates for Mum, then I always say go with Thorntons: classy and well known for their quality without breaking the bank.
  • If your Mum is a tea lover then how about a selection box from Twinings? I have the favourite teas and the fruit tea variety and absolutely love them all and at £10 a box they are very well priced! If you wanted something a bit more special they do them in beautiful wooden boxes or you can get hampers, but those are of course more expensive.
  • You may remember I did a video on ways to wear a pashmina? The pashmina I used was kindly supplied by Accessory Insanity, it was an amazing quality Pashmina and they have a huge selection of colours from which you could pick the perfect colour way for Mum. They also have some stunningly beautiful bags/purses or jewellery which would make any Mum so happy.

  • While we are talking jewellery, if you want something top quality and beyond beautiful for Mum check out up-coming jewellery designer Georgina Zupnik. Her designs are a bit different but I love them all.

I hope this has given you some ideas for what Mum might like. I am a Mummy myself and would love to receive any of these.

*Note: post contains affiliate links and mentions of items received for review purposes.

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Children’s name labels: review

One thing you need lots of when the kids start nursery/school is name labels! I have 2 children at school and everything has to be labelled: clothes, shoes, pe kit, trainers, the bag it goes in, lunch boxes, snack boxes, drink bottles…everything!

A sharpie pen works well for a while, but does run when you write on some materials and does wipe off quickly on some materials. I have found the best solution are sticky labels, like these from

You get 56 of these to a sheet (for £11.95 + p&p), which should last you the first year or so of school. You can change the background design, the font and the picture on the side. The picture is great for preschool/reception children before they recognise their names. The text is quite small, it gets smaller the more letters you add so perhaps put: Jack S instead of their full name if they struggle to read small letters.

The labels can be used on snack pots or drinks bottles and are dishwasher friendly so won’t come off. They can also be used on clothing, washing machine safe and shoes, which is great they don’t get the sticky residue which some leave behind.

These labels last really well and are well sized for fitting on everything, not too big and not too small!

Check out my video review here

*please note: item was received free in exchange for a review, however this did not  input my opinion and all words are my own.

Family Fever
Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday
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New Asda Mango Laksa Curry Sauce and homemade Ovenbaked Naan Bread #foodiefriday

My husband and I love a good curry, but not too spicy! I decided to try the new Asda range “A Taste of…” and we decided to handmake some naan bread (store bought just doesn’t cut it for us. 

The curry is pretty straight forward since it is out of a jar: part fry the chicken, add the powdered spice mix from in top of the jar

Once the chicken is throughly cooked stir in the liquid sauce from the jar. 

I also made Naan Bread to go with the curry:

2tsp active yeast

3 cup plain flour

1.5tbsp Oil

1 tsp sugar

1/2 cup water (lukewarm)

1/2 cup milk (lukewarm)

1/2tsp salt

2tbsp butter cut into small pieces


Put water and sugar in bowl, mix well and add yeast, leave for 10 minutes until it is covered in froth. 

Add the milk, oil, salt and flour until dough comes together. 

Add the butter and mix gently, you still want lumps of butter, just well mixed up. 

Cover with clingfilm and put in a warm place for an hour

After an hour is should have doubled in size. Split into approx 6 pieces and stretch out onto a baking tray

Stab several times with a fork and cook at 180 Celsius for 10 minutes

So much better than shop bough Naan Bread, and cheaper than getting some from the takeaway. 

Just writing up about this meal makes me want to have it again, it was so delicious!!


Giveaway: Lee Stafford Hairdryer

We are giving away this beautiful hairdryer. It is infused with coconut oil to nourish and repair damaged hair.

With a powerful 2400W motor your hair can stay softer, sleeker and smoother for longer.  It also has a cool shot function to lock in your style.

See full details here:

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*terms and conditions: open to UK residents only, open from 12am 16/03/2017 until 23:59 31/03/2017. One entry per item completed on rafflecopter. We maintain the right to edit this giveaway at any time and disqualify entrants at our discretion. Winner will be selected, at random from all entrants and informed by email, if they have not responded within 48 hours we will redraw. Eps and Amy cannot be held responsible for lost prizes. 

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Kelly Family Press Release on the ‘BBC Dad’ Viral Video

Love this blog post and I can relate to it having a children of my own.

Robert Kelly --- Asian Security Blog

Today, my family and I conducted a select set of interviews, with the BBC for the international audience, with the Wall Street Journal for the American audience, and with the Korean media for the local audience here. Here is our statement on the video incident. Thank you. Robert E. Kelly

“My family and I would like to thank our many well-wishers. We are just a regular family, and raising two young children can be a lot of work. Because of that, it seems that the video has resonated with parents around the world, and we are flattered at the many gentle sentiments about our children. Thank you. We love them very much, and we are happy that our family blooper brought some laughter to so many.

We would also like to thank the British Broadcasting Corporation for its gentle and tactful treatment of the video. We are grateful for their…

View original post 477 more words

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Calpol soothe and care vapour plug and nightlight review | #breathewelltosleepwell

I was sent this calpol vapour plug sample to try and test from BzzAgent. This was a perfect timing as well as we have colds and cough when we received it so I thought let’s see if it’s effective. 

It’s simple to use just open the refil pads included in the pack ( has 5 refil pads that last up to 8 hours per pad ) then insert the pad into the slot using the foil to hold the pad. I use my finger tip in pushing it into the slot. 

Then plug it in and a nightlight will be activated at night. 
Allow 60-90 minutes for vapour to fill the room. I plug ours in the hallway as the room is on the left and right of it and just leave both doors open. The vapour has a blend aromatic oil including lavender, chamomile, menthol,  camphor and eucalyptus. 

This help to soothe and ease breathing especially when you have colds and cough. I find this effective and really helpful during the time we have colds.