Infrared Thermometer, Meyoung Non-contact Medical Infrared Forehead Thermometer LCD Display Temperature Baby/Infant and Adult, Body & Object Dual Model Temperature (Baby Product) review 

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This came on its own box with image and information about the product printed all over the box which looks presentable. Inside is the thermometer, a 2AAA battery, 2 bonus cooling packs and instruction. I put the battery provided at the back of the thermometer then read the instruction which is very clear and easy to follow and understand.
The thermometer can be use for body temperature, or other things such as water, baby milk, bath surface and etc. The option can be found at the side of the thermometer. The house sign is for objects and the head sign is for body temperature.
Just turn it on by pressing the on/off button then you can see its ready to take temperature when the image of ‘C is twinkling. The head of the thermometer should be within 5cm of the surface then aim it for its purpose example the forehead whilst pressing the scan button for 2 seconds and you can see the reading instantly in the LED screen in centigrade. Also if you have a reading of 37.5 and below it will display in a green light background with a long beep and if it’s higher then you get a red light background with your reading and a short alarm beeps Which is the fever alarm. This safety feature alert is only on a body mode as the object mode won’t display in a red light background so make sure you always choose the right mode before taking temperature.
With the object temperature, I test this with a cold kettle and newly boiled kettle and you can see the difference of temperature reading please see pictures provided. I’m really amazed how this thermometer work contactless. It means this can be use for foods temperature, water temperature, milk, bath and etc. Non contact means it’s very hygienic to use and also practical for children and babies who hard to get temperatures when they are irritable or moving around like my son when I tried it on him. He kept running away from me but still manage to get a reading because it’s quick and efficient.
This also has a memory storage of last 30 readings and plus it will automatically switch off which is good for saving battery life. I’m really impressed with this thermometer, it’s a must have gadget for first aid and temperature checking since it can be used for objects. I think the price is reasonable for its quality and use since it’s accurately described and meet all my expectations. I can’t fault this product so I’m really pleased with it and would definitely recommend it.

I received this product at a discounted price or free for the purpose of product testing but does not influence my feedback in any way. The thoughts and opinions in this review are my own unless otherwise stated.

Temperature Before kettle boil
Temperature after kettle boiled

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