Waterhero waterproof phone case review

The waterhero phone case is so clever, they really thought of everything!

To open the case you turn the two dials on the top, then carefully separate the top and then you can slide your phone in. My phone is an iPhone 6 which fit with space to spare and my husband has the 6 plus which also fitted with a gap. You then turn the dials back to lock it in place, it is now waterproof. Case is available here and only £7.99 (correct at time of blogging)









They do suggest you test the waterproof-ness each time you use the case, it could get damaged between uses and you don’t want it leaking on your phone, but i fully submerged the case and it didn’t leak at all.

The case also comes with an arm strap, so you can wear it when doing sports and a neck tie.

Arm strap

I use the neck tie when the kids are hunting Pokémon, then if they drop my phone it doesn’t bounce off the floor and smash!

 Neck tie

There is also a headphone port within the case so you can listen to music using your own headphones (in pictures headphones are my own not included with the case)

img_1672img_1671Headphone port

The case also has a clear window in the back so you can use the camera while it is in the case, my husband tested this when paddle boarding, very useful in case it gets dropped when out there.

Item received for the purpose of product testing, all opinions and wording are my own.

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