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Why I bought an electric car

I am going to do a full blog detailing my electric car journey, this is a shortened list of reasons as to why I looked at electric cars.


Why I bought an electric car:

Environmental factor; I am a big promoter of all things eco! I was so excited to have the chance to help cut down the amount of pollution being puffed out on our roads. The only thing to make this better would be if we had solar panels, so the energy used to charge her was green too, unfortunately we haven’t organised this yet.
I did look into the difference between the pollution caused by one car vs the pollution required to supply electric to our house and this charge Zoe and the pollution from a power station for a 22kwh recharge works out less than the pollution from one car doing approximately 90 miles. Not to mention the pollution created from mining, refining and transporting the petrol to the petrol station.

Price; there is a variety of government incentives available around electric cars, these come and go so you will have to see what is running when you are looking. Although this looked good initially it turned out the monthly cost was about the same as my normal out goings when you include the extortionate battery rental costs.
There is of course £0 road tax, even on new vehicles with the new road tax tariff.

I do a lot of short journeys, but still need a car, a petrol/Diesel engine gets damaged by frequent short journeys

Added extras; most electric vehicles come with pretty good extras as standard. For example my Renault Zoe has review parking camera, sat nav, auto wipers and lights, cruise control, air con amongst others.

5 thoughts on “Why I bought an electric car

    1. I haven’t attempted a longer trip, I don’t think my battery rental agreement would cope with any more miles. But I do love the reverse camera!


      1. We did from Bedford to Great Yarmouth and that took like 3 charges! Admittedly we left our house without a full charge so that didn’t help in the first place. My husband uses it for commuting to and from work which is heaps cheaper than running a petrol car backwards and forwards to I think we have a higher mileage on it – I know that we currently have a heap of spare miles because his calculations over estimated for our usage but I guess it works if we would have had to do more trips this year.

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