Product review

Scentsy, wax burner review

Do you know the one thing I hate about having a dog?! The smell! The dog hair is annoying, but Hoover enough and you can get on top of it, but the dog smell no matter what I do it is always there. I’ve tried all sorts and the best thing I have found is a wax burner, the scent is lovely when it is on and even when it isn’t you can still smell it gently in the background. I have used these burners for years but they I have only used candle burners which isn’t very safe around the children. 
I recently discovered Scentsy and bought my first burner:

Fantastic thing about scentsy… its non toxic.. not harmful to animals or children..its flameless and smokeless! 

Amazingly you can leave it on 24 hours a day, it is completely safe. Only the wax warms! Then when you come home to the house smells fantastic.

Purchased from Kirsty’s Scentsy available here or on Facebook here

Other companies have bought out similar burners, however it is best if you check the back of the packet; many will say keep out of reach of children, harmful to animals, toxic if consumed, caution gets very hot. So please do not leave these burners unattended. 

*this review was not in exchange for a discounted item, as always my words and opinions are my own

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