Halloween kids outfits

I took the kids to the original factory shop and let them choose one item each, I don’t really like Halloween and all we ever do is trick or treating, so spending extra money was not gonna happen. 

Bethany chose a zombie bride dress and veil and Jack chose a scary mask:

We decided he looked a bit like the hunchback of notre dame (although after this weeks walking dead I think he looks like Glenn!) and he asked me to make the rest of the outfit for him. 

So the next thing I knew I’m sat cutting and sewing for him!

We started with an old tshirt of daddy’s and a ruined pillow. 

A quick bit of cutting and sewing and ta dah the hunchback was complete!

Bethany only needed a bit of facepaint to finish hers off. 

And off they went to enjoy the day with nanny and grandad (grandad refused to be included in the blog)

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