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Clothesminded haul | fashion | Black Friday buys 

Hey guys, I have been shopping from clothesminded during their Black Friday sales, and I did it twice as their prices were irresistible. 

First batch 

I have bought a total of 5 items and cost me £10 plus £2.50 postage cost 

Stripey polo neck which is only £2.50

The sleeveless duster coat which is only £3 is my fave. It’s quite stylish for layering up. 

Metallic shimmery gold long sleeve top which is soft and bit thin but very comfy is only £2.50

The beige and black Lace blazer is only £1 omg😍😍😍 you probably say whhaaatt??? Seriously…yes lol 

Navy open up blazer cardi, a bit wrinkled but it’s only £1 as well and perfect for covering up or use as a cardigan for layering up. 

Also clothesminded include a free shopper bag style as a freebie in my order which is cool. 

Second batch 

Got this 4 items for a total of £11 plus £2.50 p&p

This real leather suede is only £6 was £65 it looks cool and perfect for festival look with it fringe style, has got a vintage vibes. However, I’m not sure about it weather it suits me or not. Plus it’s a bit tight on the shoulder area. What do you think? To keep or to clear out?

Oh I love this knitwear swing dress for only £3 perfect with tights or stocking. It’s turtleneck as well so it’s cosy. 

This is a kids one and not sure what size it is as not labelled. I just took the risk of buying it since it’s only £1 and I thought if its a teen’s then might fit me or I can give it to my daughter. It has a beautiful open shoulder style which is sexy. 

Again, this is a kids one and size were not labelled. Another unsure purchased though it’s only £1 so it’s fine. I can wear it with leggings or maybe give it to my daughter. Does it look okey on me or not? Which one is your favourite? 

Please see my clothesminded haul video as well on our YouTube account

​[wpvideo I8W9xx6q]​
❤️ thank you ❤️

Our top 12 Party dresses under £10 | Bargain crazy 

Omg Bargain crazy is offering £10 off if you spend £30 across their site. Discount code W1030 

I thought I check out on their party dresses. 

Coleen mesh dress Was £62 now £4.99 

Blue prom dress was £57 now £4.99

High neck Lace skater dress Was £44 now £4.99

Definitions sequins and mesh dress Was £69 now £7.99

Definitions one shoulder Lace dress Was £74 now £7.99

Savoir all over print tunic was £57 now £7.99

Definitions sequins dress was £69 now £7.99

Definitions sequin t shirt dress Was £69 now £7.99

Definitions mesh insert dress Was £49 now £7.99 

Definitions metallic prom dress Was £87 now £8.99

Samantha cutout dress Was £74 now £8.98

Lipsy sequin bandeau dress Was £94 now £9.99

Outfit ideas for the husbands work do…smart, attractive, not too sexy…

No outfit is harder to buy for than the husband’s work Christmas party. Not too low cut, not too short, but you still have to look attractive, not slutty but nice and smart. Honestly it’s impossible to buy for and you don’t want to spend too much because you don’t have many parties to attend these days.

So I have created a few items, which can be mixed and matched together for various occasions.


Classic black trousers, like these for only £24 full price (40% off at the moment thanks to black Friday)


Skirt, with lace layer over the top. Was £59, now only £19.99

These “bottom halves” can easily be matched with any of these tops to make a lovely outfit.


Off-shoulder lace top, only £5


Embellished neck top, was £37, now only £4.99

If you want to avoid the black on black look I would recommend red or white tops as fantastic Christmas colours.

If you ask me, the shoes make the outfit. Try a touch of sparkle like these:


I would highly recommend irregular choice (as you can see from my blog page here ) even though they are £79, which is expensive, but they are so comfortable and the silver goes with so many outfits.


Ankle boots are completely in this year, check out this pair. They would suit trousers or skirt and can be worn for nights out as well as casually or at work. This pair is £85 reduced to £49.99 at the moment.

Make up wise: natural is in at the moment, I love bare minerals make up. The foundation is actually good for your skin and evens the skin tone and the lipstick plumps the lips. Currently only £24.


There are some really good necklace sets around which look stunning and aren’t too expensive, this one for example is only £29.95. Looks far more expensive than it is.


Outfits are so hard to judge, but hopefully this gives you a few ideas.

Rock Master Remote Control Car Review

During a visit to the local park recently, my son saw a young boy playing with a monster truck; bumping up and down the kerbs and switching from grass to concrete and back. He decided he needed one of these for Christmas. So when I was contacted by Paramount Toys I knew exactly which toy to ask for!

The Rock Master, Rock Crawler is just what Jack wanted. Sturdy enough to climb up kerbs and over rocks, but still easy enough for a young boy to control. It RRPs at £79.99 but is currently on £34.99, very well priced, check it out here:

Large Off Road Remote Control Car For Kids – Large Rock Crawler 4×4 RC Car – 32 Centimeters Long Rock Master Rock Crawler with 2.4Ghz Controller (Blue)



Inside the box is the car and remote, secured with plastic to the cardboard (easy to undo with scissors) an instruction manual and a box containing batteries (I love this, no toys come with batteries any more!)
You need a Phillips crosshead screwdriver to put the batteries in both the car and the remote but nothing else needs setting up.

Hold the remote in your left hand and use the right to steer. Pull the trigger towards you for forward and away for reverse and turn the steering wheel to turn. Easy as that!

I’ve not tested the car outside yet, it is my son’s Christmas present so I don’t want to get it all dirty, but it climbed over a pile of 3 cushions in the lounge with no trouble. I think he will find it great fun to play with in the garden.

Check out my YouTube video here


*please note, this item was offered discounted for a video review, all opinions and wording are my own unbiased opinion.

*Pricing correct at time of writing.

Children’s Christmas crafts

I love doing crafts with the children, any excuse but Christmas is by far the best excuse around. 

Homemade Christmas cards, my kids were 2 and 5 when we did these. 

A full handprint in brown makes a reindeer. 

Green finger prints in a circle make a great wreath. 

Fingerprints into a triangle make a Christmas tree. 

Finger prints in a line for Christmas lights or in a candycane shape. 

A toilet roll painted green with a red rim with and green painted paper rolled into a funnel for his hat makes a cute elf. 

Half a paper plate and 2 hand prints and 4 brown legs make our reindeer. 

These are just a few examples, I prefer crafts which don’t need adult help, I like the kids craft to be their own work. 

Beauty | Make up mannequin challenge 

Did you say make up mannequin challenge? Oh well, I have the perfect throwback. Striking a pose putting make up on while staying still just to get that perfect shot 😜

This was a few years ago before the mannequin challenge became on trend. Me and my friends were striking a pose doing our make up so we have to be like a mannequin for a seconds just to get that perfect shot. I thought this was funny and a perfect throwback. #mannequinchallenge #throwback #strikingapose

And this one, was more like a stolen shot style.
What about you? Do you have any mannequin challenge moment or pictures of staying still or stolen shot? We would love to see it as well so feel free to share with us. ❤️ thank you ❤️

Money saving app

Sharing is caring, that’s why I’m going to share with you few money saving apps I have been using or tried and tested. Let’s move away from all the temptation of sales from Black Friday.

Receipt hog
Earn money uploading your food shopping receipt and you can claim it through PayPal account or Amazon gift card.

Here are the point system reward equivalent

And I have already received a £5 pay out through PayPal so it’s genuine

Check out smart 

Get rewarded shopping at supermarket. See what item is on offer at different supermarket such as Asda, Tesco, sainsbury, cooperative, lidls and etc. Upload your receipt to get a claim. I have already tried this and had a pay out as well so it’s worth using when doing food shopping.

Download the app

And start earning rewards and you can withdraw them in the future. I have already got paid £5 before.

Save money on grocery shopping and get rewarded as well when uploading your receipt.

My supermarket
It’s like a comparison site / app where you can compare the prices of your favourite product from different supermarkets and save money. Also has a shopping list that automatically synchronised with your ” my supermarket ” account. Also get rewarded with cash back to save more money. This is perfect for online food shopping as well.

Download the app

Make a list and check prices on individual supermarket

Example of checking the prices

So that’s it, I hope that this few app will be helpful to you. And if you know more money saving up then feel free to share with us. ❤️ thank you ❤️

1 hour bread roll recipe

I am going to step away from the sales now and share my favourite bread roll recipe. It’s so quick and easy the I do it after school to go with lasagne or casserole. The recipe calls for American cups, but all measurements are estimates so I use a small kids mug. 

1 cup warm water

1/3 cup oil

2 tsp sugar

1/2 tsp salt

1 tbsp quick acting yeast (I buy the sachets and it is one half of the twin pack)

1 egg

4 cups bread flour
Put warm water, sugar, salt, oil and yeast in a bowl, stir and leave for 15 minutes until the top is frothy

Add the egg and stir in the flour slowly until the mixture is no longer sticky. I start off using a fork and switch to hands once it’s starting to become dough like. 

Split into 12 balls and put on a baking tray

Leave in a warm place for 15 minutes. I use the upper oven while the lower oven is warming up to temperature. 

They will increase in size a little, don’t expect a massive rise. After 15 minutes put in the pre-heated oven (180 degrees c) for 10-15 minutes until the top is golden brown. 

I recommend you eat them warm or extra yumminess! Don’t bother trying to keep them for the next day, there is no preservatives so they go hard and horrid. 

Try them yourselves and let me know how you get on?! I think they are foolproof.