Teflon frying pans fact vs fiction?!

There is mixed opinions as to whether the non-stick polytetrafluoroetheylene (PTFE), coating, also known as Teflon (a DuPont brand trademark), is a health hazard. Some reports say if some of the coating flakes off and becomes mixed with your food which can cause cancer, this has been debunked though. “Teflon flu” is when flu-like symptoms develop after cooking due to the toxic fumes released during cooking. These toxic fumes (PFC’s) are associated with smaller birth weight babies, elevated cholesterol, liver inflammation and weakened immune system (amongst other things) and have been known to cause the deaths of pet birds.

Alternatives to teflon?!

Cast iron: actually releases iron as it cooks, which increases the iron in your diet (great if you are vegan), they are very durable, but not non-stick!

Stainless steel: not non-stick and needs a lot of oil when cooking. 

Ceramic coating pans: 100% PTFE free, no heavy metals and non-stick and scratch resistant. 

Product Review

I was asked to trial a Greblon ceramic pan by ozeri, worrying about my families health I was happy to trial a pan which could avoid the PFC’s. 

We decided to make pancakes for breakfast, with very little butter the pancakes came away completely without sticking (although they do have a fun pattern on the pancakes). It was very easy to clean, no problem at all!

The pan handle is high quality silicone, which is comfortable and heat resistant. 

The other thing I love is that the pan isn’t too heavy, I have weak wrists and find pouring dinner out of the frying pan can be very painful, this pan is much lighter so I don’t have a problem. 

*although I was sent this item for the purpose of a review this did not influence my opinion and all wording are my own. 

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