Christmas dresses for hiding mummy tummy

Ever since I went back to work after having my first child I have been super sensitive about my “mummy tummy”. The worst time of year is Christmas, the work Christmas party to be exact. Work clothes hide mummy tummy problems pretty easily, but party dresses seem to be designed for skinny people with flat tummies.

In no way am I saying you need a flat tummy to look amazing in a dress, but if like me, your body has changed shape and you are not ready to accept it I have done the searching for you, here are some mummy tummy hiding styles for you to look out for:

This dress doesn’t cling to the body, gliding over the stomach so hides a multitude of sins.

The side scrunch effect of this dress easily hides any lumps and bumps.

The layering of this dress successfully cuts the view of the waist, meaning nobody will notice if yours isn’t as defined as it used to be.

Choosing a dress which flares out from under the boobs, like this dress, means if doesn’t matter what is going on under this point, the dress hides it for you!

This year I am wearing a full length grecian style dress, which I actually found on eBay:

Much like the last dress on my list, it falls loose under the boob line so hides any problem areas.

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