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Fashion style at stylefruits

Check out my styles at stylefruits 

I joined in to this app called Style fruits ( you have to download their app to appreciate it ) where you can create your own style and wish list through many items on their category. There is also this style checker where you can upload pictures and ask people to vote on your style and looks. I must say it’s a very handy app for fashion inspiration and getting a good style tips from fellow members. Anyway, check out my own fashion style creation.

I love this style, perfect this season when it’s cold outside. Looking casual yet cosy and stylish. Below is each item’s price. 

If you like this style and find the price reasonable then check out individual item’s link to shop. And if you ever join style fruits as well and start creating your own styles, please do share with us as we would love to see everyone’s style. You can also follow me in there and my profile name is eps. Thank you x


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