Avon Bargain Bag Review

Being an avid user of Avon make up  and frequent Avon purchaser of most things I decided to try their bargain bag; it cost £8 and is described as containing at least 4 products which in total would cost at least £30 (including 1 make up, 1 jewellery).

It’s kind of like a lucky dip and I was quite excited to open it. Unfortunately it didn’t measure up to the excitement.

It contained a lipstick in plum, which is darker than I usually wear, but I quite liked it when I tried it:

The nail varnish was an awful shade of lime and the tube is foot moisturiser, I’ve never moisturiser my feet but maybe I will start now, I also got a cheap looking bracelet with a lucky clover on it (I may give this to my 8 year old daughter if she needs some luck for something, but it’s not worth giving to an adult), other than this i got a gift box and tissue paper (thanks!) and a brush which I have no idea what it’s for!

So all in all I will use the lipstick but probably not the rest. Shame!

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