All about Christmas! The dress, the food, the presents and family  moment. 

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Enjoying the festive season with your family and loved ones are the best presents that you could ever have. I’m sharing few Christmas throwback of my dress, opening of presents, food and laughter and family moment. This is how we celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Enjoy x

The dress

You will probably notice that I wear a lot of bright coloured dress. It’s because according to our family tradition, wearing red or bright coloured clothes on Christmas or new year will bring good lucks. Since then it became a part of us. 

The opening of presents

Most of the presents we gave to each other are not that fancy, we just buy anything so it’s a surprise. We don’t usually know what we’re getting. It’s not like making a wish list and you kind of have an idea already what’s inside or what you could get. But then it’s not the highlight of our celebration but the moment of spending time with family. Plus surprise present are kind of exciting. You don’t know what your getting 😂

The food and the turkey etc

Since we live here in the uk, we became use of having the traditional English roast turkey every Christmas plus some Filipino food. It’s nice to have varieties of food.

Family & Friends

We sing karaoke and dance to the music or we play games with the kids. We just have a good fun, eat and laugh a lot. And take pictures ofcourse lol That’s how we celebrate our Christmas and new year. 

Now it’s your turn to share how do you celebrate Christmas? Let’s make a hashtag #christmasthrowback and reflect on your previous Christmas moment. I’m sure that it will bring sweet memory like mine. I think capturing moments are priceless. No matter how many times it takes you to get that perfect shot. 😉

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