Money saving tips for Christmas 

I Try to spread Christmas present by buying through out the year when there are stuff in the sales or reduced price. Buy everything in sales including cards and gift wrap if they are on offers. 

Make a list of family and close friends to give present to and might as well wrap them and have a cupboard or storage to stock them. This is also good for birthdays and etc if you need an emergency gift and also saves you time. 

Recycle unwanted gift that are still new and unopened by re gifting them as well.

Declutter and sell your unwanted stuff to get extra pocket money and try to set aside a money saving pot.
Set a gift budget for family like your children can have £50 each then adult relatives can be £30 each and nephew/nieces are £20 each and maybe for friends can be £10 each 

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Also you can try this new trend of saving money called 365 days challenge of saving money and the idea is to save a little bit everyday. And before you know it, you have a good amount of cash. You can start on the month of January or any day you want. This can be used in time for Christmas but also means you have a money to spend on holiday, emergency or for a treat to yourself and family. Anything you want the money for. 

For more ideas on 365 days money saving challenge go to Mumsnet 
If you have any other ideas in saving money for Christmas then feel free to share it with us. Remember sharing is caring 😉 

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