Look what I just bought and tell me what do you think? | clothesminded 

Omg!!! Clothesminded Black Friday sale is just so irresistible that I can’t stop scrolling and putting an item at the basket. Definitely my willpower to resist a bargain is not strong enough. Anyway, here’s what I bought and their prices. 

Who can resist this black sleeveless jacket for only £3? Omg definitely not me. I think I can wear this with the stripey polo I bought as well. 

Look at this blazer!!! It’s only a £1, seriously??? My eyes were rolling in disbelief lol this is perfect in layering up and looking smart. You can’t go wrong for a £1 lol also I bought the last one so it’s now out of stock…oooppsss sorry 

This stripey polo is a basic essential for chilly weather. I can wear this with the black sleeveless jacket I bought.

Wow! This Lace blazer is a winner for a pound. Perfect for looking smart and to wear with party dress. Seriously a £1 is the ultimate bargain when it comes to a clothes lol 

Right, this metallic gold long sleeve top is pretty. Can wear it for night or layering. For £2.50 I thought might as well add in my basket lol
So, I bought a total of 5 items from clothesminded for a £10 for all plus £2.95 savers delivery. Now tell me, is this an impulse buying or definitely a bargain not to be missed? I don’t mind you being honest with me lol 


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