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Our hot picks on autumn / winter essentials | everything5pounds

Feeling the chill already? Well, check this out! As we’ve got you covered on few autumn / winter essentials without breaking your bank. For a fiver, it’s definitely a bargain.


Chunky sole khaki bootsThis have a dr Martins like style and the sole looks thick so definitely a must for a cold weather 

Buckle side ankle boots Perfect for a walk.  According to review, its comfortable and warm.


Assymetric casual poncho Available in different colours and very trendy at the moment. This is definitely a good cover up when it’s chilly. It has a good ratings as well. 

Bobble knit jumper Available in different colours and looks cosy, just what you for everyday.

Snow flake eyelash knit jumper Omg this is just pretty and cute. Love the snow flake pattern on it, looks cosy as well. 

Coat / jacket 

A line button up mac Looks trendy and perfect this autumn 

Double breasted metallic button coat This just looks cosy and stylish. 

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