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There has been a lot of talk lately about chemicals and toxins in our beauty products and I wanted to trial some SLS free shampoos to see how they compare to “chemical filled” shampoos.
I wrote to several companies and received various discounts and samples, as well as purchasing some myself, so all these reviews are not biased and entirely based on my own experience and reviews are my own opinion.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is an inexpensive chemical used in shampoos, body washes etc. as a detergent and surfactant (foaming agent). So why is SLS bad? SLS is a skin irritant; it is used to irritate the skin when testing products for use on skin conditions. The skin irritation is particularly worrying for children, who have more sensitive skin and often shampoo gets washed into their eyes.

SLS in shampoo is great at getting rid of oil and product build-up, but are known for drying out the hair and leading to poor condition like split ends. SLS is also known to strip colour from hair strands, so if you dye your hair regularly you might want to consider switching to make the colour last longer.

Unfortunately, I suffer from irritated scalp and product build up, but also from hair which gets greasy quickly, so I am not sure whether the SLS free shampoos will mean I need to wash my hair more often.

Beever Rich Repair Shampoo – Smells divine and the wonderful scent lasted for days, but unfortunately the shampoo was too heavy for my hair and it got greasy within 24 hours.

Green People Quinoa and Artichoke Shampoo – Light-weight and really conditioning, made my hair really shiny, I was impressed with how long my hair stayed clean, 48 hours later it was still pretty good. Shampoo also smells gorgeous.

Instanatural Argan Oil Shampoo – Lovely shampoo and nice big bottle for the price. Good cleaning ability, but didn’t foam up well, so I had to wash my hair twice using extra shampoo (which is expensive when you look at the prices of SLS free shampoo). Clean hair lasted well over 48 hours before it needed washing again.

Faith in Nature Brave Botanicals Ripe Kiwi – Nice and light-weight, good cleaning ability, foams up pretty well and lasted a few days before it got greasy.

My scalp is certainly less irritated, but no means is it completely better and so many of the SLS free shampoos leave my hair greasy that I will have to keep trying other makes to find something which suits me.
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