Rock Master Remote Control Car Review

During a visit to the local park recently, my son saw a young boy playing with a monster truck; bumping up and down the kerbs and switching from grass to concrete and back. He decided he needed one of these for Christmas. So when I was contacted by Paramount Toys I knew exactly which toy to ask for!

The Rock Master, Rock Crawler is just what Jack wanted. Sturdy enough to climb up kerbs and over rocks, but still easy enough for a young boy to control. It RRPs at £79.99 but is currently on £34.99, very well priced, check it out here:

Large Off Road Remote Control Car For Kids – Large Rock Crawler 4×4 RC Car – 32 Centimeters Long Rock Master Rock Crawler with 2.4Ghz Controller (Blue)



Inside the box is the car and remote, secured with plastic to the cardboard (easy to undo with scissors) an instruction manual and a box containing batteries (I love this, no toys come with batteries any more!)
You need a Phillips crosshead screwdriver to put the batteries in both the car and the remote but nothing else needs setting up.

Hold the remote in your left hand and use the right to steer. Pull the trigger towards you for forward and away for reverse and turn the steering wheel to turn. Easy as that!

I’ve not tested the car outside yet, it is my son’s Christmas present so I don’t want to get it all dirty, but it climbed over a pile of 3 cushions in the lounge with no trouble. I think he will find it great fun to play with in the garden.

Check out my YouTube video here


*please note, this item was offered discounted for a video review, all opinions and wording are my own unbiased opinion.

*Pricing correct at time of writing.

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