Beef satay recipe: from scratch

I am a huge fan of beef satay and have finally settled on a recipe I love:

Frying steak

Stir fry vegetables

2 tbsp peanut butter (I use 1 smooth, 1 crunchy)

2 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp Worcester sauce

Few drops Tabasco sauce (add lots if you like it spicy!)

1 tbsp brown sugar

1/2 beef oxo cube


Stir fry meat and veg. In separate bowl mix the rest of the ingredients and dump on top of the beef. 

It will be rather solid and I add some boiling water to help it melt and make a nice sauce for the beef. 

Then pop it on top of rice or noodles and you have a delicious meal!

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Tesco party food | Tesco orchard member | Tried For Less

You probably know by now that I’m a Tesco orchard member so every campaign they have, I would love to participate and blog about it and share. 

This month, it’s all about party food or dessert / pudding and I have chosen to try out their party food. I was sent Tesco £5 voucher and this is what I bought. 

Tesco party food were 3 for £5 as well which is a very good value of money. On Christmas Day, we hosted the dinner as my inlaw’s came over for a Christmas celebration and having the Tesco party food as an appetiser was lovely. We have it while having a drink of wine and etc before having Christmas dinner. It’s also perfect to have it while watching film. It made the day relaxing. My inlaw’s thought that the Tesco party food was lovely too so it’s good. 

I only cook the hot & spicy prawn and the chicken bites and just enough as a finger food. I have still got the tex mex selection to cook for new year which is good. Thank you Tesco for the free party food taster. #triedforless 

This is our appetiser before having the turkey and you can imagine how full we are by the time the main meal we’re served lol

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and wishing you all a prosperous and a happy new year. Good luck for the year 2017 guys ❤❤❤

Crochet fox scarf

My friend asked me if I could make her a particular fox character scarf:

I am not normally one to buy patterns, I am still a fairly new “hooker” and I am normally worried that I will find it too difficult and will waste my money. But in this case I took a risk since it was only $2.99 and all the reviews said “easy”. 

Being in the uk the suggested Red Heart Super Saver yarn isn’t very available, so I purchased Stylecraft Special Aran in 1005 cream and 1711 spice. I used 1/2 ball of cream and only just under 2 of spice. 

The head was pretty straight forward, although I think my counting went wrong and it’s slightly smaller than it should be. 

Then the main scarf, which I stopped slightly before the instructions said to, I had a feeling I was going to run out of this colour and in the end it was very close and I think I would have done. 

In the end I was 100% pleased with my foxy fellow and I hope it’s new owner will be just as pleased with it. 

Pattern available here

Sleep Stories by Martyn and Rachael Healy: Audio books to put you to sleep. Review

My eldest daughter is 8 and has always struggled to “turn off” at night, ever since she was a baby we have had to rock her until she is totally settled, or sit with her, or put up with her climbing up and down the stairs asking for: cups of water, another story, more light, less light, to put a fan on, that she’s bored, her head hurts etc etc etc a million excuses, which just boils down to her not being able to unwind and go to sleep. 

So when I was contacted by Rachael Healy to review a copy of her Sleep Stories audio book I jumped at the chance. Anything which might help bethany settle better. 

We have tried everything from night lights, to white noise and from the radio to the “sleep fairy”. So I was very excited to try something new, but not really expecting much. The main idea behind Sleep Stories is that it is a combination of hypnotherapy techniques, cute characters and soothing audio story lines, which sounded like it actually had a bit of basis behind it. 

I downloaded the MP3 and transferred it onto Bethany’s iPad (the best way to do this is to download it onto a desktop and email it to the iPad/device required). When it was time for bed we settled her as usual and I put the story on, after 8 years of her taking 2 or more hours to settle I was amazed that she was actually asleep within 15 minutes. 

I still wasn’t convinced, so I tried it 5 nights in a row and every night she settled without complaint. So I decided to trial an ordinary audio story book and she appeared downstairs like she used to do. That was it, I was sold! These Sleep Stories work brilliantly and I will be buying the rest of the series for her. 

The stories are suggested as being for children aged 3-6, I guess the age is really for the story line not for the technique. Bethany is 8 and it works fine and I have even tried it for myself when I was having trouble settling at night. 

Sleep Stories are available to purchase here or they even do adult stories available here which I will be downloading and trying myself. 

*please note this item was sent to me to trial for free, however this did not effect my opinion and all words are my own. 

Our Christmas tree

We have the same Christmas tree every year and it’s not big. Well, it’s okey because our house is not that big so we don’t have much space. My daughter took a video after I just put up our tree and So i would like to share it with you. My daughter’s picture wasn’t there because the boys pictures come from their nursery. 

​[wpvideo qGwzwD4m]​

It was a very simple Christmas tree with a fairy light on it. It doesn’t matter how big or beautiful is your Christmas decorations but celebrating Christmas with our love ones is the most wonderful time of the year. 

❤ happy Christmas everyone ❤

Aloe Vera pillow review

I was looking for a firm pillow for my daughter. A lot of children’s pillows are hypoallergenic, however they are are super soft and she prefers a firmer pillow and it turns out to be quite difficult to get a pillow which is both.
It is a nice touch that there is the option of a firmer or softer side to the pillow so the sleeper has a choice of firmness.

The travel sleeve is very useful for transporting the pillow, meaning when we visit relatives we can easily take her comfy pillow with her!

I particularly like the aloe vera pillow case with its anti-inflammatory nature and the anti-allergy “core” of the pillow to resist odours and suppress the growth of bacteria and mites: which makes the pillow nice and healthy for a child to use.

The memory foam regulates her temperature, so no more sweaty headed sleeping child. My daughter informs me the pillow is very comfortable and she is a happy little girl!

*edit* The original pillow is no longer available, try this similar style pillow:
Aloe Vera Memory Foam Pillow

*please note this item was received for a discount price for the purpose of review, however this does not effect my opinion.