Gift guide for the man in your life

Husbands/boyfriends/fathers…any male presents are always the hardest to come up with. Unless they are particularly into something; my dad is a scientist and loves scientific books or antique instruments, some guys are happy with anything star wars or have a hobby like cycling which needs upgrades all the time. But if there isn’t anything obvious I have a few sneaky ideas for you:

Craft Beer box: I was kindly sent one of these to trial with the hubby, the selection we had was delicious!

They are full of flavour and every one is different to the next. You can get a single box for as little as £24 and if you would like to try it they are offering a massive £10 off when you sign up at their website: see here and use the code: EPSANDAMY10

Clothes: boring I know but bear with me; men hate shopping and if you do it then it means they don’t have to! Check out the everything5pounds website, they have a whole men’s second and it goes without saying that everything is £5.

Drink selection: if they don’t love beer how about a teabag selection, my husband and I have been trialling the fabulous twinings selection boxes and he has loved them as much as I have.

Try this selection which comes in a cute wooden box for £29.

Or if his cuppa of choice is a coffee how about a selection pack.

Something fun: of course if they are really hard to buy for you could always get a joke gift like this beard bib;

Beard Catcher w/ Mirror Suction Cups + BONUS Beard Grooming Guide – No Clogged Sinks. Easy Disposal. No Mess. Keep the Girlfriend Happy! A beard bib to clean up mess in 10 seconds – Voted No.1 Boyfriend/Husband Gift for Gentleman 2016

I think this is such a good idea, personally I’m sick of the shavings being all over the floor.

Perhaps your man wears glasses or could be used for sunglasses and constantly puts them down and loses them? Try this dude:

Display Stand Sunglasses Wooden Nose Rack Holders Vintage Hand Carved Urban Home

Toiletries: same as with clothes, men hate having to do this themselves so if they have a favourite aftershave save them the job and pick it up for them. If he doesn’t have a favourite take a look at this blog with a few ideas for you.

Or skip the aftershave and get a gift set of shower gel for him.

How about teaming the beard bib with a shaving gift set? shaving foam/gel

Or beard oil 
Chocolate: who doesn’t love chocolate?! Often bought of women but the men get forgotten! I love these chocolate hampers from thorntons.
Well these are my suggestions, hopefully they give you some ideas?! Please note, some of these gift ideas have been sent to me to review and some of the links are affiliate sites, but all opinions are unbiased and my own.

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