At first I had sympathy, but Southern Rail…enough is enough…

If you live along the south coast and have had to use the trains at all in the past year you will know what I’m talking about: constant striking, sickness, delays, cancelled trains…it has been awful!

Now I have sympathy for the Southern staff, I understand the strikes are about removing guards from the trains leaving the drivers alone and it is for everyone’s safety that we have guards on the train, but I have had to go up to London twice in the last few months (I don’t know how regular commuters have been coping) and enough is enough! The trains are ridiculous!

We check our trains before we leave, no issues showing…get the train to Brighton to find our train to London Victoria is cancelled…so we get an alternative to London Bridge and the way back is worse: the closest we can get to home (which is Angmering) is Haywards Heath, so we have to taxi back from there. At our cost I should add!

So this week we need to go to London again for a dinner out at which we would like to drink; do we drive to Haywards Heath/Dorking/Gatwick or similar and hope for a train back to there? Then one of us has to not drink to drive. Not only is Southern striking, but there is delays on the Gatwick Express and on the underground. It’s barely worth going to London for the hassle it causes…just stay home!

We decided to drive all the way to the City of London, if someone has to not drink and drive anyway we might as well drive the whole way. Hell for 4 of us it’s cheaper and at least we know for sure we can actually get home. 

So congratulations Southern you have well and truly screwed us over. How much do I hate trains…let me count the ways…

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