Kids gets creative and decorate our house with their drawings | joy of motherhood 

Oh yeah, my kids are creative and love drawing. I’m so grateful for their gifted talent that I don’t need to decorate our house now as their work is everywhere lol

This are made by my teenage daughter but wait till you see my boys work too 😉

Hahaha!!! Now that’s classic isn’t? My boys who are 5 and 2 years old have decided to draw on our pillowcase, beddings and wall lol


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  1. Ha Ha – we have a three foot gruffallo done with felt tips right in the middle of the old textured wall paper in our living room. Jane has also drawn lots with my ancient make-up (cos I ahvent’ got any new stuff for years!) . Nice ideas from your guys though – looks like a bit of a nautical theme going on!

    1. Haha lol, it seems to be my kids way of being creative but sometimes it’s too much tho 😂 our house look like a nursery now full of drawing and toys everywhere lol thank you for stopping by xx

  2. Oh my goodness! I only had 1 boy who colored on the walls. He went behind the couch and colored with a black crayon on the beautiful creamy white walls. I didn’t find it until we were moving and then I was in a panic to get it clean. Turns out toothpaste removes crayon beautifully from many things! Hopefully you get the marker off. #KCACOLS

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