Aloe Vera pillow review

I was looking for a firm pillow for my daughter. A lot of children’s pillows are hypoallergenic, however they are are super soft and she prefers a firmer pillow and it turns out to be quite difficult to get a pillow which is both.
It is a nice touch that there is the option of a firmer or softer side to the pillow so the sleeper has a choice of firmness.

The travel sleeve is very useful for transporting the pillow, meaning when we visit relatives we can easily take her comfy pillow with her!

I particularly like the aloe vera pillow case with its anti-inflammatory nature and the anti-allergy “core” of the pillow to resist odours and suppress the growth of bacteria and mites: which makes the pillow nice and healthy for a child to use.

The memory foam regulates her temperature, so no more sweaty headed sleeping child. My daughter informs me the pillow is very comfortable and she is a happy little girl!

*edit* The original pillow is no longer available, try this similar style pillow:
Aloe Vera Memory Foam Pillow

*please note this item was received for a discount price for the purpose of review, however this does not effect my opinion.


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