Kick start the year with new year’s resolution 

I hope you all had a fab Christmas and new year. I’m sure you all indulge yourself with excess food, drinks and treats. With myself, I have overspent and just keep buying from the sales. And also been eating a lot that I can now feel the gain. Definitely need a bit of tweaking with my habit that I’m kicking the new year with a resolution and hoping to be able to do them. Finger crossed 😉

So here is a bit of my new year’s resolution 

  • Definitely save save save £££££ I’m a bit of shopaholic when it comes to a sale. I can’t resist a bargain and instead of making a savings out of the sale, I always end up with a zero balance bank. So still bargain does break the bank lol I would be able to save if I lessen my shopping habit both online and high street.
  • I need to stop snacking with chocolates, sweets, crisp, and anything junk food. And I’m hoping to change my bad habit with fruit and healthy snack especially when I’m working awake at night. However, I can’t give up my coffee though 🙈
  • Everytime I’m tempted to shop from the sale, I’m gonna start asking myself now a question ” do I really need it? ” before clicking buy lol as most of the time I just like the what I’m buying but don’t actually need it. 
  • I need to clear out all the stuff I don’t really need and hoping to put the money on a piggy bank rather than treating myself to shop something in exchange for what I have clear out lol 
  • To stop procrastinating by just surfing anything online ( mostly sales from HotUKDeals) and Facebook viewing of videos and etc instead of doing some task I need to do. Time is gold so I’m really wasting loads of £££ I could have been a millionaire now lol 
  • Be more organise so that I’m less stress especially I’m a working mum  and a part time blogger so you can imagine how hectic my life. I’m a super mum after all like many others 😍😍😍 lol 
  • Plus I need to remind myself that ” patience is a virtue ” everytime I want to kick off lol 
  • Do more blogging whenever I can, even though I thought nobody is reading them or commenting on them because I’m a bad writer lol 
  • Try to be more active by trying home work out through youtubes videos even though I’m so bad at it.
  • To be just myself as I’m so concious with everything like my English, my grammar and writing skills plus my shopping decision that I keep bugging amy for it lol 🙈😜😂
  • I will add more as the year goes by.

So, what about you? Do you have a new year’s resolution? Come and share it with us. ❤thank you for reading ❤

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