Review: Dyson cordless hoover Animal V6 #triedtested

For full disclosure I did not received this item free or discounted from any company, I bought it in the January sales and decided to review it.

I have 2 very fluffy pets (one cat and one dog) and 2 very messy children! We previously had the Dyson Stowaway Animal DC20 which we have had for several years and have found very good, but it was getting old and I found it wasn’t as good at getting the fine dust up as it used to be, so we decided to invesigate the available options at the moment.

Following a review from Lauren at Belle du Brighton I decided that cordless was definitely the way forward, the vax slimline cordless (for family and pets) was on offer at currys for £99 and I was very tempted however the Dyson has a boost function which was the deciding factor for me. I also noticed that dyson advertised their hoovers suction power (28AW in normal mode and 10AW in boost) but vax did not specify so I couldn’t compare. The Dyson’s RRP is £350, but is currently available at £199 from most retailers or Dyson themselves.

It comes in a box with the various attachments and its docking charger. It was very easy to assemble and had about 10 minutes of charge so I could try it out for a short while, then I put it on the charge.

A fully charged battery last about 20 minutes on normal mode or 6 minutes on max mode. From empty it takes approximately 3.5 hours to charge fully.

The features of the Dyson Animal Cordless V6 include:

  • 2.11kg total weight
  • 0.4L bin volume
  • Motorised brush head for all floor types
  • Mini tool especially for pet hair
  • Balanced for use on ceilings

I have had a few issues with the Dyson: firstly like Lauren I have found that the handle does dig in to your thumb as you use it, not enough to stop me loving this vacuum cleaner, but it is irritating and something which obviously needs fixing on these cordless cleaners.

I have also found that my hair wraps around the head very easily and after each use I need to take the head apart and clean it out.

This could be because my daughter and I both moult like crazy, but I do struggle with these where as previously it wasn’t such a problem.

I also find the bin on the Dyson is not very big and fills up quickly:

I over filled it here without noticing! I’m hoping a few sessions with the cleaner will mean the imbedded hair in our carpet is no longer a problem and I can do less empties of the bin.

I find I hoover much more often, with no cord to trip over and no need to switch between one plug socket and the next between rooms, it is so easy to just grab the hoover and clean up a small mess. Because I am cleaning more often it means less hair and dirt has accumulated so we need less empties of the bin, one bin full normally does the whole house now and one charge does the house no problem.

It is really useful that I no longer need to change heads to do the bathroom or kitchen floor and it switches to a handheld cleaner as well which is so good for doing the car.

I absolutely love the Dyson V6 cordless and would recommend it to anyone, especially those with pets or children. I hope to keep on top of the hoovering now and not have it build up on me!

Family Fever

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  1. This looks really good but I had reservations about how it would function throughout the whole house so its interesting to read that you can do the whole house on one charge and also can do the car which is so useful! Me and my daughter have long hair and it gets everywhere so we might find the ‘hair issue’ a problem too! 🙂


  2. I’ve been looking at the Dyson cordless vacuums for a while now – we moved to a three storey house last year and dragging the big vacuum up and down the stairs is driving me mad! I wasn’t sure if it was worth paying the extra for the V8 but it sounds like the V6 would do the job fine!

  3. I love the idea of a cordless vacuum I really want one as I think it would make it so much easier. I love Dysons, my parents have one and it’s amazing at picking everything up! #TriedTested

  4. Dyson designed this vacuum with pets in mind so everyone with hairy pets should think about owning one. The V6 falls shot in certain departments and Dyson have heard people’s complaints which is why they have introduced the V8- it is more expensive though so for someone who is looking to save some money I would recommend this V6, your house will be a lot cleaner after you have used it.

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